American director and film editor

Paul Landres is ...

Born 21 Aug 1912 in New York City
Died 26 Dec 2001 in Encino
Age89 years, 4 months

About Paul Landres

Paul Landres (1912–2001) was an American film and television editor and director. He directed episodes of The Lone Ranger, Maverick and Flipper, among many other TV series. His feature films included: Destiny (1944) Senorita from the West (1945) Lone Texan (1959) The Miracle of the Hills (1959) The Flame Barrier (1958) Go, Johnny Go! (1958) Johnny Rocco (1958) The Return of Dracula (1958) Last of the Badmen (1957) The Vampire (1957) Army Bound (1952) Navy Bound (1951)