Is Paul Simonon Living or Dead?

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Is English musician (Bass guitarist, vocalist, songwriter) and visual artist Paul Simonon dead? Or ... still alive?

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Paul Simonon

English musician (Bass guitarist, vocalist, songwriter) and visual artist

Paul Simonon is ...


Born 15 December 1955 in London
Age 67 years, 6 months

Sex or gender male
Country of citizenship United Kingdom
Birth name Paul Gustave Simonon
Spouse Pearl E. Gates
Occupation bassist, singer-songwriter, painter, singer, guitarist and musician
Instrument bass guitar, guitar, voice and bass
Genre pop music and alternative rock
Member of The Clash
Educated at Byam Shaw School of Art

About Paul Simonon

Paul Simonon: The Punk Rocker Turned Visual Artist

Paul Simonon was born on December 15, 1955, in Brixton, London. He is best known as the bass guitarist and backing vocalist for the legendary punk rock band The Clash. Simonon was a founding member of the band, which formed in 1976, and played with them until their breakup in 1986.

Simonon's bass playing was a crucial element of The Clash's sound, and his energetic stage presence helped to define the band's live performances. He also contributed to the band's songwriting, co-writing several of their most memorable tracks, including "Guns of Brixton" and "The Magnificent Seven."

After The Clash disbanded, Simonon continued to work in music, playing with various bands and collaborating with other artists. However, he also began to explore his passion for visual art, studying at the prestigious Chelsea College of Art and Design in London.

Simonon's artwork draws on his experiences as a musician and his interest in political and social issues. He has exhibited his work in galleries around the world, and his pieces have been featured in publications such as The New York Times and Rolling Stone.

In recent years, Simonon has returned to music, playing with the band Gorillaz and collaborating with artists such as Damon Albarn and Mick Jones (his former bandmate in The Clash). However, his visual art remains an important part of his creative output, and he continues to explore new ways to express himself through his work.

Despite his success as a musician and artist, Simonon remains humble and grounded. In a 2019 interview with The Guardian, he reflected on his career and his approach to creativity, saying, "I'm not trying to be anything other than what I am. I'm just trying to do what I do, and do it as well as I can."


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