Is Richard A. Lupoff Living or Dead?

Has American writer Richard A. Lupoff died? Or is he still alive?

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American writer

Richard A. Lupoff is ...

Born 21 Feb 1935 in Brooklyn
Died 22 Oct 2020 in Berkeley
Age85 years, 8 months
Richard A. Lupoff
Richard A. Lupoff
American science fiction and mystery author Richard A. Lupoff

About Richard A. Lupoff

Richard Allen Lupoff (February 21, 1935 – October 22, 2020) was an American science fiction and mystery author, who also wrote humor, satire, non-fiction and reviews. In addition to his two dozen novels and more than 40 short stories, he also edited science-fantasy anthologies. He was an expert on the writing of Edgar Rice Burroughs and had an equally strong interest in H. P. Lovecraft.

He is also known as Richard Allen Lupoff, A. E. Van Hocked, Addison E. Steele, Addison Steele II, Ova Hamlet, Ray Razzberry and Robert A. Mainline.

Notable work

Richard A. Lupoff has been celebrated for these works: