Is Roger Vadim Living or Dead?

Has Film director, screenwriter, producer Roger Vadim died? Or is he still alive?

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Film director, screenwriter, producer

Roger Vadim is ...

Born 26 Jan 1928 in Paris
Died 11 Feb 2000 in Paris
Age72 years
Roger Vadim
Roger Vadim
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About Roger Vadim

Roger Vadim Plemiannikov (French: [ʁɔ.ʒe va.dim]; 26 January 1928 – 11 February 2000) was a French screenwriter, film director and producer, as well as an author, artist and occasional actor. His best-known works are visually lavish films with erotic qualities, such as And God Created Woman (1956), Barbarella (1968), and Pretty Maids All in a Row (1971).


Vadim died of cancer at age 72 on 11 February 2000. He was survived by his widow, Marie-Christine Barrault, and his four children (Nathalie, Vanessa, Christian and Vania). Ex-wives Bardot, Fonda, Schneider and Stroyberg were all in attendance at his funeral. He is interred at St. Tropez Cemetery.