Is Rose McGowan Living or Dead?

Has American actress, director and activist Rose McGowan died? Or is they still alive?

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American actress, director and activist

Rose McGowan is ...

Born 5 Sep 1973 in Certaldo
Age48 years, 4 months
Height1.64m (5 ft, 4 in)
Rose McGowan
Rose McGowan
Actress Rose McGowan at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival.

About Rose McGowan

R\u00f3sa Arianna McGowan born on 5 September 1973 in Certaldo and Florence. They is a citizen of United States of America. Rose McGowan was educated at Roosevelt High School. They lives at Tulum.

Rose McGowan plays voice. They is an American actress, director and activist.

Rose McGowan has had one spouse: Davey Detail.

Rose McGowan has worked as a television actor, film actor, actor, director, singer, model and activist. They has been a member of Silence Breakers.

Their height is 1.64m (5 ft, 4 in). Their hair color is dark brown hair. Their eyes are hazel.

They is also known as Rósa Arianna McGowan.