Is Russell Mulcahy Living or Dead?

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Is Australian film director Russell Mulcahy dead? Or ... still alive?

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Russell Mulcahy

Australian film director

Russell Mulcahy is ...


Born 23 June 1953 in Melbourne
Age 69 years

Sex or gender male
Country of citizenship Australia
Occupation film director and screenwriter
Notable work Highlander
Educated at Corrimal High School

About Russell Mulcahy

Russell Mulcahy is a visionary Australian film director who has left an indelible mark on the world of cinema. Born on June 23, 1953, in Melbourne, Mulcahy grew up with a passion for music and film. He began his career as a music video director, creating iconic videos for artists such as Duran Duran, Elton John, and Queen.

In 1984, Mulcahy made his feature film debut with the cult classic "Razorback," a horror film set in the Australian outback. He followed this up with the action-packed "Highlander" in 1986, which became a pop culture phenomenon and spawned several sequels and a television series.

Mulcahy continued to push the boundaries of filmmaking with visually stunning films such as "The Shadow" and "Resurrection," as well as the critically acclaimed TV series "Teen Wolf" and "Queer as Folk."

Despite facing setbacks and challenges throughout his career, Mulcahy has remained a true artist, always striving to create something new and innovative. His work has influenced countless filmmakers and continues to inspire audiences around the world.


- "Russell Mulcahy: The Director's Cut" documentary, directed by Kimble Rendall (2003)

- "Highlander: The Making of the Movie" documentary, directed by Andrew Abbott (2001)

- "Russell Mulcahy: The Man Behind the Movies" interview with Mulcahy by Mark Kermode (2015)

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