Is Sabina Olmos Living or Dead?

Has Argentinian actor Sabina Olmos died? Or is she still alive?

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Argentinian actor

Sabina Olmos is ...

Born 4 Feb 1913 in Buenos Aires
Died 14 Jan 1999
Age85 years, 11 months
Sabina Olmos
Sabina Olmos
Sabina Olmos y Charlo en Carnaval de antaño, 1940.

About Sabina Olmos

Sabina Olmos (1913–1999) pseudonym of Rosa Herminia Gómez Ramos was an Argentine film actress of the Golden Age of Argentine Cinema (1940–1960). She began her career as a radio songstress of folklore and tango. Later, she developed a long film career with Lumiton studies, where she made a series of films directed by Manuel Romero and Francisco Mugica, like La rubia del camino, Mujeres que trabajan and La vida es un tango. "Felicia", her role in the 1939 film Así es la vida created a genre known as "Argentine suffering" throughout Latin America, because all the characters were either suffering severe angst or crying in equal measure throughout the films. In the 1940s, she participated in several dramatic roles, particularly Historia de una noche, La gata, Albéniz and Tierra del Fuego, which earned her Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress awards. After the Liberating Revolution, Olmos and her husband, singer Charlo, were exiled from Argentina and toured throughout America and Spain. When she was able to finally return in the 1960s, the caliber of roles offered, such as the failure Pesadilla and second tier films and television, created economic problems for the actress. She took work as an artistic adviser to Channel 11 and served in several administrative functions. In 1992 she performed at the Teatro de la Ribera with other stars from her era at the request of Rodolfo Graziano, though no work materialized from the project. Increasing joblessness led to depression and Olmos committed suicide in 1999, a few weeks before her 86th birthday.