Is Stanley Unwin Living or Dead?

Has British comedian Stanley Unwin died? Or is he still alive?

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British comedian

Stanley Unwin is ...

Born 7 Jun 1911 in Pretoria
Died 12 Jan 2002 in Daventry
Age90 years, 7 months
Stanley Unwin
Stanley Unwin
St Lawrence's Church in Long Buckby: the grave of Stanley Unwin (7 June 1911 – 12 January 2002), a British comedian, actor and comic writer. He spent most of his life in the village and here his gravestone shows some of his eccentric humour quoting lines from his work with the Small Faces on their 1968 album Ogden's Nut Gone Flake.

About Stanley Unwin

Stanley Unwin (7 June 1911 – 12 January 2002), sometimes billed as "Professor" Stanley Unwin, was an English comedian, actor and comic writer. He invented his own comic language, "Unwinese", referred to in the film Carry On Regardless (1961) as "gobbledygook". Unwinese was a corrupted form of English in which many of the words were altered in playful and humorous ways, as in its description of Elvis Presley and his contemporaries as being "wasp-waist and swivel-hippy". Unwin claimed that the inspiration came from his mother, who once told him that on the way home she had "falolloped (fallen) over" and "grazed her kneeclabbers".


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