Is Tetsu Nakamura Living or Dead?

Has Japanese-Afghan physician Tetsu Nakamura died? Or is he still alive?

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Japanese-Afghan physician

Tetsu Nakamura is ...

Born 15 Sep 1946 in Fukuoka
Died 4 Dec 2019 in Jalalabad
Age73 years, 2 months
Causeballistic trauma

About Tetsu Nakamura

Tetsu Nakamura (中村 哲, Nakamura Tetsu, Pashto: تېڅو ناکامورا‎), also known as Kaka Murad (15 September 1946 – 4 December 2019) (کاکا مراد), was a Japanese physician and honorary Afghan citizen who headed Peace Japan Medical Services (PMS), an aid group known as Peshawar-kai in Japanese. Nakamura devoted to building canal projects, from the Kunar River in eastern Afghanistan and was credited for transforming the desert of Gamberi, on the outskirts of Jalalabad, into lush forests and productive wheat farmlands. He also constructed two hospitals and two mosques. In October 2019, Afghan president Ashraf Ghani granted him honorary Afghan citizenship. On 4 December 2019, as Nakamura was heading to work in his aid vehicle in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, he was assassinated by gunmen along with his bodyguards and driver.

He is also known as Kaka Murad and Kaka Nakamura.


Nakamura was fatally shot in a targeted killing on 4 December 2019 in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. The attackers also killed five others, including his bodyguards and driver. Police said that Nakamura, while sitting in the front passenger seat, was shot with five bullets at close range from above. According to a doctor performing the autopsy, a bullet, which entered Nakamura's right chest and lodged near the pelvis, was especially designed for improved penetration. The doctor said such bullets were uncommon in Afghanistan.

Of the seven to eight assailants, three were armed with automatic rifles and other firearms. The assailants were wearing traditional Afghan dress but did not cover their faces. According to an eyewitness: "The armed men drove to a restaurant near the site of the attack in two separate cars. When the vehicle carrying Nakamura approached, the attackers ran up and shot at it from both sides, killing Nakamura's bodyguard first." As one of the gunmen yelled at the witness to stay away from the scene, the witness hid at the restaurant. "When the sound of gunshots subsided, I heard voices trying to determine whether Nakamura and the others were all dead, before a few more shots were fired. 'It's finished, let's go', I heard one of the men say before they fled in their cars", the witness added.

Nakamura remained conscious after the attack and received treatment at a local hospital in Jalalabad, but bled to death at Jalalabad Airport as he was being prepared to be airlifted to a hospital at Bagram Airfield, a U.S. military base located 50 kilometres (30 mi) north of Kabul.