Is Vital Alsar Living or Dead?

Has Spanish expedition leader Vital Alsar died? Or is he still alive?

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Spanish expedition leader

Vital Alsar is ...

Born 7 Aug 1933 in Santander
Died 15 Sep 2020 in Mexico
Age87 years, 1 month

About Vital Alsar

Vital Alsar Ramírez (August 7, 1933 – September 15, 2020) was a sailor and scientist who made several extremely long sailing expeditions. His entire life was linked to nature and the sea. He became professor of economics, although he never acted as such. During his Military service in Morocco, Alsar read a book about the Kon-Tiki, the expedition that Thor Heyerdahl conducted in a balsa raft on the Pacific. Reading this account led to his interest in duplicating the feat, to sailing 3,770 nautical miles (6,980 km; 4,340 mi). After his military service, he lived in France, Stuttgart, Hamburg, and Canada. It was in Canada where he met Marc Modena, who became his traveling companion.

He is also known as Vital Alsar Ramírez.