Is Vladimir Shatalov Living or Dead?

Has Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir Shatalov died? Or is he still alive?

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Soviet cosmonaut

Vladimir Shatalov is ...

Born 8 Dec 1927 in Petropavl
Died 15 Jun 2021 in Moscow
Age93 years, 6 months
Vladimir Shatalov
Vladimir Shatalov
USSR stampː Vladimir Shatalov and Aleksei Yeliseyev (Soyuz 8). Seriesː Triple Space Flights the Space Ships Soyuz 6 (11-16.10), Soyuz 7 (12-17.10) and Soyuz 8 (13-18.10). Shatalov is cropped

About Vladimir Shatalov

Vladimir Shatalov born on 8 December 1927 in Petropavl. He is a citizen of Soviet Union and Russia. Vladimir Shatalov was educated at Gagarin Air Force Academy and Kacha Higher Military Aviation School of Pilots. He obtained Candidate of Technical Sciences. He died on 15 June 2021 in Moscow at age 93 years, 6 months.

He was a Soviet cosmonaut.

Vladimir Shatalov has worked as an aviator, astronaut, writer, military personnel and politician. He has has won USSR State Prize, Order of Lenin, Order of the October Revolution, Order "For Merit to the Fatherland" IV class, Order "For Service to the Homeland in the Armed Forces of the USSR", 3rd class, Medal "For Battle Merit", Medal "For Distinction in Guarding the State Border of the USSR", Medal "For Strengthening of Brotherhood in Arms", Medal "For the Development of Virgin Lands", Pilot-Cosmonaut of the USSR, Order of Friendship, Medal "Veteran of the Armed Forces of the USSR", Gold Star, Order of Playa Girón, Order of Karl Marx, Order of the Flag of the Republic of Hungary, Order of Ho Chi Minh, Order of the Polar Star, Order of the cavalier of Madara, Medal "Brotherhood in Arms", Medal "For the strengthening of friendship in arms", Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Medal "For Impeccable Service", 2nd class, Jubilee Medal "Twenty Years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War 1941–1945", Jubilee Medal "30 Years of the Soviet Army and Navy", Jubilee Medal "40 Years of the Armed Forces of the USSR", Jubilee Medal "50 Years of the Armed Forces of the USSR", Jubilee Medal "60 Years of the Armed Forces of the USSR" and Jubilee Medal "70 Years of the Armed Forces of the USSR".

Vladimir Shatalov has held the position of member of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union.

He is also known as Vladimir Aleksandrovich Shatalov.