Is Yūko Takeuchi Living or Dead?

Has Japanese actress (1980-2020) Yūko Takeuchi died? Or is she still alive?

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Japanese actress (1980-2020)

Yūko Takeuchi is ...

Born 1 Apr 1980 in Saitama
Died 27 Sep 2020
Age40 years, 5 months
Height1.62m (5 ft, 3 in)
Yūko Takeuchi
Yūko Takeuchi
第28回 東京国際映画祭 オープニングセレモニー 竹内結子 (残穢 -住んではいけない部屋-)

About Yūko Takeuchi

Yūko Takeuchi born on 1 April 1980 in Saitama. She is a citizen of Japan. She died on 27 September 2020 at age 40 years, 5 months.

She was a Japanese actress (1980-2020).

Yūko Takeuchi has had two spouses: Shidō Nakamura and Taiki Nakabayashi.

Yūko Takeuchi has worked as an actor and film actor. She has has won Elan d'or Award for Newcomer of the Year.

Her height is 1.62m (5 ft, 3 in).

She is also known as Yuko Takeuchi, Yuuko Takeuchi and Alyssa Goldman.


On 27 September 2020, at 2 am (JST), Takeuchi was found hanged at her home in Shibuya, Tokyo. She was taken to a hospital, but died shortly afterwards. No suicide note has been found. She was 40 years old.