Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Living or Dead?

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Which cast and crew of American television anthology series Alfred Hitchcock Presents are living and who are dead?

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Alfred Hitchcock Presents

American television anthology series

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Genre anthology series
Composer Charles Gounod
Country of origin United States of America
Producer Joan Harrison
Number of episodes 361
Number of seasons 7

About Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Alfred Hitchcock Presents, the iconic television show that aired from 1955 to 1965, was a masterclass in suspense and storytelling. Hosted by the legendary filmmaker himself, each episode featured a self-contained story that kept audiences on the edge of their seats.

The show's influence on the thriller genre cannot be overstated. Its use of twist endings and unreliable narrators became a staple of the genre, and its impact can still be seen in modern-day shows like Black Mirror and American Horror Story.

Hitchcock's signature dry wit and macabre sense of humor were also on full display in each episode, adding a layer of dark comedy to the already tense proceedings.

But perhaps the most impressive aspect of Alfred Hitchcock Presents was its ability to attract top-tier talent. The show featured performances from some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including Bette Davis, James Stewart, and Robert Redford.

Overall, Alfred Hitchcock Presents remains a timeless classic that continues to captivate audiences to this day. Its legacy as a groundbreaking and influential television show is secure, and its impact on the thriller genre will be felt for generations to come.


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Other cast and crew

Supporting cast and crew listed below. See if you can find out who is who from the stats below.


106 years, 7 months, 1 day


44 years, 5 months, 23 days

Born first

7 August 1902

Died first

28 January 1973

Born last

27 December 1978

Died last

9 September 2022

American actor Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen

American actor

American actor, director and producer Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds

American actor, director and producer

American actress Joanne Woodward

Joanne Woodward

American actress

American stand-up comedian and actor Bob Newhart

Bob Newhart

American stand-up comedian and actor

Canadian actor Leslie Nielsen

Leslie Nielsen

Canadian actor

American actor  Harry Shearer

Harry Shearer

American actor

American actor  George Segal

George Segal

American actor

American actor, producer and director Norman Lloyd

Norman Lloyd

American actor, producer and director

Lithuanian-born actor Laurence Harvey

Laurence Harvey

Lithuanian-born actor

American actor Peter Falk

Peter Falk

American actor

American actress Gena Rowlands

Gena Rowlands

American actress

American actress  Sandra Bernhard

Sandra Bernhard

American actress

English-American actress and narrator Rosemary Harris

Rosemary Harris

English-American actress and narrator

American actress Vera Miles

Vera Miles

American actress

Canadian actress and dancer Ruta Lee

Ruta Lee

Canadian actress and dancer

actress Nancy Kulp

Nancy Kulp


American actor  Rip Torn

Rip Torn

American actor

British actress and model Jocelyn Lane

Jocelyn Lane

British actress and model

actress Elizabeth Montgomery

Elizabeth Montgomery


English actress Diana Dors

Diana Dors

English actress

American actress from the United States June Lockhart

June Lockhart

American actress from the United States

American film and television actor James Coburn

James Coburn

American film and television actor

American actor Herb Vigran

Herb Vigran

American actor

American actress  Carol Lynley

Carol Lynley

American actress

actor, disc jockey Bob Crane

Bob Crane

actor, disc jockey

actor Ricardo Montalbán

Ricardo Montalbán


American actress born 1935 Barbara Harris

Barbara Harris

American actress born 1935

British actress Barbara Steele

Barbara Steele

British actress

American actress  Sharon Farrell

Sharon Farrell

American actress

American actor Dabbs Greer

Dabbs Greer

American actor

British actress Angela Cartwright

Angela Cartwright

British actress

American actor George Gaynes

George Gaynes

American actor

American actor Walter Matthau

Walter Matthau

American actor

American actor and singer, recording artist Richard Chamberlain

Richard Chamberlain

American actor and singer, recording artist

American actor Robert Morse

Robert Morse

American actor

American actress Cara Williams

Cara Williams

American actress

British-born American actor Veronica Cartwright

Veronica Cartwright

British-born American actor

Canadian actress Mimi Kuzyk

Mimi Kuzyk

Canadian actress

actress Mary Wickes

Mary Wickes


American actor Dabney Coleman

Dabney Coleman

American actor

American actress; President of the SAG Kathleen Nolan

Kathleen Nolan

American actress; President of the SAG

Canadian writer, yoga teacher, and former actress Lisa Jakub

Lisa Jakub

Canadian writer, yoga teacher, and former actress

American actress Kathryn Hays

Kathryn Hays

American actress

American actor Steven Hill

Steven Hill

American actor

Canadian actress Gwynyth Walsh

Gwynyth Walsh

Canadian actress

American actress Cindy Pickett

Cindy Pickett

American actress

American actress Kim Hamilton

Kim Hamilton

American actress

actor Darren McGavin

Darren McGavin


American actress Nancy Olson

Nancy Olson

American actress

American actress Linda Lawson

Linda Lawson

American actress

Canadian actress Jennifer Dale

Jennifer Dale

Canadian actress

American actor  Clu Gulager

Clu Gulager

American actor

American film actor  Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson

American film actor

American actress Sara Shane

Sara Shane

American actress

British-American actress Jessica Tandy

Jessica Tandy

British-American actress

Canadian actor Eric Peterson

Eric Peterson

Canadian actor

American actress Diane Franklin

Diane Franklin

American actress

American actress Tisha Sterling

Tisha Sterling

American actress

actor Denholm Elliott

Denholm Elliott


American actor Don Marshall

Don Marshall

American actor

Canadian-American actress Barbara Williams

Barbara Williams

Canadian-American actress

American actor Michael O'Keefe

Michael O'Keefe

American actor

American actor Ralph Meeker

Ralph Meeker

American actor

actor Edgar Buchanan

Edgar Buchanan


actor Hume Cronyn

Hume Cronyn


Austrian actor John Banner

John Banner

Austrian actor

Actress, singer, entrepreneur Polly Bergen

Polly Bergen

Actress, singer, entrepreneur

Canadian actor Jeff Wincott

Jeff Wincott

Canadian actor

actress Lois Nettleton

Lois Nettleton


American actress Barbara Bel Geddes

Barbara Bel Geddes

American actress

actor, film director  Richard Erdman

Richard Erdman

actor, film director

former actor; oil and natural gas business  James Drury

James Drury

former actor; oil and natural gas business

United States actor and sportsman Jack Ging

Jack Ging

United States actor and sportsman

American soap opera actor, Emmy winner Rachel Ames

Rachel Ames

American soap opera actor, Emmy winner

American actor Lane Smith

Lane Smith

American actor

actress from the United States Peggy Ann Garner

Peggy Ann Garner

actress from the United States

actress Sandy Dennis

Sandy Dennis


American actor Don Galloway

Don Galloway

American actor

American stage and television actress Frances Bavier

Frances Bavier

American stage and television actress

American actress Ann Harding

Ann Harding

American actress

American actor James Saito

James Saito

American actor

American actress Patricia Breslin

Patricia Breslin

American actress

Canadian actor Rob Stewart

Rob Stewart

Canadian actor

American actor Timothy Carhart

Timothy Carhart

American actor

Canadian actor Jeremy Ratchford

Jeremy Ratchford

Canadian actor

Canadian actor, writer, and television producer Don Lake

Don Lake

Canadian actor, writer, and television producer

actress Olive Deering

Olive Deering


American actor  Karl Lukas

Karl Lukas

American actor

actor Frank de Kova

Frank de Kova


Canadian actor Gerry Mendicino

Gerry Mendicino

Canadian actor

American actor Billy Gray

Billy Gray

American actor

actor David Fox

David Fox


Canadian actor Bruce Gray

Bruce Gray

Canadian actor

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