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Which cast and crew of American drama TV series Any Day Now are living and who are dead?

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Any Day Now

American drama TV series

Any Day Now

About Any Day Now

Any Day Now is an American drama series that aired on the Lifetime network from 1998 to 2002. The show stars Annie Potts and Lorraine Toussaint, who are best friends despite the difference in their races. The show's title is taken from the 1962 Chuck Jackson song "Any Day Now". A version performed by Lori Perry served as the show's theme song.

Other cast and crew

Supporting cast and crew listed below. See if you can find out who is who from the stats below.


92 years, 10 months, 20 days


22 years, 1 month, 6 days

Born first

10 April 1930

Died first

25 February 2019

Born last


Died last

24 October 2022

American actor Leslie Jordan

Leslie Jordan

American actor

American actress, model, film producer Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison

American actress, model, film producer

American actress Lorraine Toussaint

Lorraine Toussaint

American actress

American actress Annie Potts

Annie Potts

American actress

American actress Gina Torres

Gina Torres

American actress

American actress, director, singer, and dancer  Jasmine Guy

Jasmine Guy

American actress, director, singer, and dancer

American actress  Brenda Strong

Brenda Strong

American actress

American actress and singer Renée Elise Goldsberry

Renée Elise Goldsberry

American actress and singer

American actress and singer Dawnn Lewis

Dawnn Lewis

American actress and singer

American actress Debbi Morgan

Debbi Morgan

American actress

American actress Carolyn Hennesy

Carolyn Hennesy

American actress

American actress Leslie Grossman

Leslie Grossman

American actress

American actress Beth Grant

Beth Grant

American actress

American actress Roxann Dawson

Roxann Dawson

American actress

American actress Justina Machado

Justina Machado

American actress

American actress  JoAnna García

JoAnna García

American actress

American actress L. Scott Caldwell

L. Scott Caldwell

American actress

American actress Kyla Pratt

Kyla Pratt

American actress

American actress Adina Porter

Adina Porter

American actress

American actress Denise Dowse

Denise Dowse

American actress

actress and singer Telma Hopkins

Telma Hopkins

actress and singer

American actress Cristine Rose

Cristine Rose

American actress

American actor Courtney B. Vance

Courtney B. Vance

American actor

American actor Daniel Dae Kim

Daniel Dae Kim

American actor

actress Romy Rosemont

Romy Rosemont


American actress Tracy Middendorf

Tracy Middendorf

American actress

actor and writer Stephen Tobolowsky

Stephen Tobolowsky

actor and writer

American actress and television producer LaTanya Richardson

LaTanya Richardson

American actress and television producer

American character actress Stephanie Faracy

Stephanie Faracy

American character actress

American actor Robert Pine

Robert Pine

American actor

American actor Gary Anthony Williams

Gary Anthony Williams

American actor

American actress Sonya Eddy

Sonya Eddy

American actress

American actress Fran Bennett

Fran Bennett

American actress

American actress Alexandra Wilson

Alexandra Wilson

American actress

Canadian actress Barbara Eve Harris

Barbara Eve Harris

Canadian actress

American actress Jenny Gago

Jenny Gago

American actress

American actress Erica Gimpel

Erica Gimpel

American actress

American actress Wendy Davis

Wendy Davis

American actress

American actor and trade unionist Clyde Kusatsu

Clyde Kusatsu

American actor and trade unionist

American actress Bonita Friedericy

Bonita Friedericy

American actress

actress Susan Ruttan

Susan Ruttan


American actress  Lisa Sheridan

Lisa Sheridan

American actress

American actress Alex Meneses

Alex Meneses

American actress

American actor Phil Morris

Phil Morris

American actor

American actress Nancy Linehan Charles

Nancy Linehan Charles

American actress

American actor Steven Williams

Steven Williams

American actor

American actor Steve Howey

Steve Howey

American actor

American actress Jan Hoag

Jan Hoag

American actress

American actor Sean Gunn

Sean Gunn

American actor

American actor Richard Riehle

Richard Riehle

American actor

American actress Deborah Lacey

Deborah Lacey

American actress

American actress Lynsey Bartilson

Lynsey Bartilson

American actress

American actress Felecia M. Bell

Felecia M. Bell

American actress

American actor Carl Lumbly

Carl Lumbly

American actor

American actor Gregory Itzin

Gregory Itzin

American actor

American actor Obba Babatundé

Obba Babatundé

American actor

American actor Harry Lennix

Harry Lennix

American actor

American actor and film director Tim Russ

Tim Russ

American actor and film director

American actor Michael Ensign

Michael Ensign

American actor

American actor Cory Hardrict

Cory Hardrict

American actor

Actress, singer Valarie Pettiford

Valarie Pettiford

Actress, singer

American actor Chris Mulkey

Chris Mulkey

American actor

American Actress and impressionist Anne-Marie Johnson

Anne-Marie Johnson

American Actress and impressionist

American actor Ray McKinnon

Ray McKinnon

American actor

actress Tangie Ambrose

Tangie Ambrose


American actor James Pickens

James Pickens

American actor

American film and television actor Steven Culp

Steven Culp

American film and television actor

American actor, musician and minister Clifton Davis

Clifton Davis

American actor, musician and minister

American actor J. August Richards

J. August Richards

American actor

American actor and singer Dan Finnerty

Dan Finnerty

American actor and singer

American actor Timothy Carhart

Timothy Carhart

American actor

American actor Ogie Banks

Ogie Banks

American actor

American actor Michael Cavanaugh

Michael Cavanaugh

American actor

American actor Lance E. Nichols

Lance E. Nichols

American actor

American actor Lee Weaver

Lee Weaver

American actor

American actor Geoffrey Blake

Geoffrey Blake

American actor

actor David Starzyk

David Starzyk


American actor Basil Wallace

Basil Wallace

American actor

American actor, director James Eckhouse

James Eckhouse

American actor, director

American actor Robert Harper

Robert Harper

American actor

United States actor Leonard Roberts

Leonard Roberts

United States actor

American actor James McDaniel

James McDaniel

American actor

American actor Khalil Kain

Khalil Kain

American actor

American actor Bobby Hosea

Bobby Hosea

American actor

American film and television actor Sy Richardson

Sy Richardson

American film and television actor

actor Larry Bagby

Larry Bagby


American actor Erik King

Erik King

American actor

American actor Wayne Wilderson

Wayne Wilderson

American actor

American television and film actor, born 1959 David Harris

David Harris

American television and film actor, born 1959

American actor Percy Daggs III

Percy Daggs III

American actor