As Time Goes By: Living or Dead?

Which cast members of TV series As Time Goes By have died?

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TV series

As Time Goes By

Started 12 Jan 1992
Ended 14 Dec 2005
Released27 years, 6 months ago
Run span13 years, 11 months
Seasons 9
Episodes 67

About As Time Goes By

As Time Goes By is a British romantic sitcom which aired on BBC One from 1992 to 2005, running for nine series and three specials. Starring Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer, it follows the relationship between two former lovers who meet unexpectedly after not having been in contact for 38 years. The programme's original working title had been Winter with Flowers but was changed during its first day of filming due to the cast's protestations. The new title was taken from the 1931 Herman Hupfeld song "As Time Goes By", which was used as the title music, the recorded version by Joe Fagin.The show was created by Colin Bostock-Smith, but written by Bob Larbey, who had co-written The Good Life with John Esmonde. In 2004, As Time Goes By was ranked No. 29 in Britain's Best Sitcom.The series was produced by Theatre of Comedy Entertainment, in association with DLT Entertainment Ltd. for the BBC.

Main cast

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