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Bret Maverick

Started 1 Dec 1981
Ended 4 May 1982
Released39 years, 11 months ago
Run span5 months
Seasons 1
Episodes 18
Bret Maverick
Bret Maverick
Photo of James Garner as Bart Maverick and Jack Kelly as Bret Maverick in the episode "Hostage" from the television program Maverick.

About Bret Maverick

Bret Maverick is a 1981–82 American Western NBC television series starring James Garner in the role that made him famous in the 1957 series created by Roy Huggins and entitled Maverick: a professional poker player traveling alone year after year through the Old West from riverboat to saloon. In this sequel series, Maverick has settled down in Sweetwater, Arizona Territory, where he owns a ranch (The Lazy Ace) and is co-owner of the town's saloon (The Red Ox). However, Maverick is still always on the lookout for his next big score, and continues to gamble and practice various con games whenever the chance arises. The series was developed by Gordon Dawson, and produced by Garner's company Cherokee Productions (mistakenly dubbed "Comanche Productions" on the end credits) in association with Warner Bros. Television.