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Which cast members of US sitcom TV series Charles in Charge have died?

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US sitcom TV series

Charles in Charge

Seasons 5
Episodes 126
Charles in Charge
Charles in Charge
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About Charles in Charge

Charles in Charge is an American sitcom starring Scott Baio. The series aired for a total of 126 episodes over five seasons and featured Baio in his second leading role; he had previously played Chachi Arcola on the sitcom Joanie Loves Chachi and had originated the role on Happy Days. The series was a production of Al Burton Productions and Scholastic Productions in association with Universal Television. Baio starred as Charles, a college student attending the fictional Copeland College in New Brunswick, New Jersey, who finds a unique living arrangement with a family in need of a caretaker for their young children. The show also starred Willie Aames as Charles' best friend Buddy Lembeck; Aames, like Baio, was a 1970s television star and had previously appeared on Eight Is Enough. Charles in Charge premiered on CBS on October 3, 1984, and aired initially on Wednesday nights at 8 PM paired with another new sitcom, Dreams. Facing off against two hits in ABC's The Fall Guy and NBC's Highway to Heaven, neither show performed well and Charles in Charge was moved to Saturday nights after the cancellation of Dreams. CBS eventually decided to cancel the series after it made no improvement in the ratings after its move to Saturday, and Charles in Charge aired its final episode on April 3, 1985, in its original time slot. At the time of CBS' decision to cancel Charles in Charge, a trend had emerged where network series, especially comedies, would find new life in first-run syndication after cancellation. Universal took advantage of this and relaunched Charles in Charge in syndication. The first new episode premiered on January 3, 1987, and four more seasons were produced before the show came to an end on November 10, 1990.