Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders: Living or Dead?

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Which cast and crew of American police procedural series Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders are living and who are dead?

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Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

American police procedural series

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

Genre crime serial and police procedural
Country of origin United States of America
Number of episodes 26
Number of seasons 2

About Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders is a thrilling television show that takes viewers on a journey around the world to solve some of the most heinous crimes. The show follows a team of FBI agents who specialize in international cases, led by the charismatic Jack Garrett (Gary Sinise). The team includes the brilliant linguist Clara Seger (Alana De La Garza), the tech-savvy Matthew Simmons (Daniel Henney), and the tough-guy Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore).

The show is a spin-off of the popular Criminal Minds series, but it stands on its own with its unique focus on international crime. Each episode takes the team to a different country, where they must navigate cultural differences and language barriers to solve the case. The show is not afraid to tackle tough issues, such as human trafficking, terrorism, and organ harvesting.

One of the strengths of the show is its diverse cast, which reflects the global nature of the crimes they investigate. The characters are well-developed and have their own personal struggles, which adds depth to the show. The chemistry between the actors is also a highlight, making the team feel like a real family.

Overall, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders is a must-watch for fans of crime dramas. It offers a fresh take on the genre with its international focus and strong cast. The show has received positive reviews from critics and has a dedicated fan base. It is currently streaming on Netflix, so there's no excuse not to check it out.


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Other cast and crew

Supporting cast and crew listed below. See if you can find out who is who from the stats below.


83 years, 4 months, 4 days


16 years, 12 months,

Born first

13 April 1939

Died first

25 July 2022

Born last

10 June 2006

Died last

25 July 2022

American actor  Paul Sorvino

Paul Sorvino

American actor

actress Charisma Carpenter

Charisma Carpenter


American actress Paget Brewster

Paget Brewster

American actress

American actor Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise

American actor

South African actress, model and dancer. Musetta Vander

Musetta Vander

South African actress, model and dancer.

American actor and model Daniel Henney

Daniel Henney

American actor and model

English actress and model Katie Amess

Katie Amess

English actress and model

American actor, producer, and director Joe Mantegna

Joe Mantegna

American actor, producer, and director

Singaporean actress Gwendoline Yeo

Gwendoline Yeo

Singaporean actress

American actress Sherry Stringfield

Sherry Stringfield

American actress

American actress Alana de la Garza

Alana de la Garza

American actress

Canadian actress Erin Karpluk

Erin Karpluk

Canadian actress

British-American actress Sonya Walger

Sonya Walger

British-American actress

American actor Jim Beaver

Jim Beaver

American actor

American actress Ambyr Childers

Ambyr Childers

American actress

American actress Aida Turturro

Aida Turturro

American actress

American actor Esai Morales

Esai Morales

American actor

Mexican actress Sandra Echeverría

Sandra Echeverría

Mexican actress

American actress and screenwriter Kirsten Vangsness

Kirsten Vangsness

American actress and screenwriter

American actress Brenda Bakke

Brenda Bakke

American actress

American actress Toni Trucks

Toni Trucks

American actress

Italian/Greek actress Sofia Milos

Sofia Milos

Italian/Greek actress

American actress  Laura Allen

Laura Allen

American actress

American actor Mykelti Williamson

Mykelti Williamson

American actor

Mexican-American actress Angélica Celaya

Angélica Celaya

Mexican-American actress

American actress Sofia Rosinsky

Sofia Rosinsky

American actress

American film director and screenwriter Jennifer Lynch

Jennifer Lynch

American film director and screenwriter

South African-American actor Arnold Vosloo

Arnold Vosloo

South African-American actor

American actor William Forsythe

William Forsythe

American actor

South African actor Sean Michael

Sean Michael

South African actor

Chinese–American actor Russell Wong

Russell Wong

Chinese–American actor

Danish cinematographer and director Mikael Salomon

Mikael Salomon

Danish cinematographer and director

Canadian-American actor Michael Benyaer

Michael Benyaer

Canadian-American actor

American actor Matt Cohen

Matt Cohen

American actor

Canadian actor Jeremy Ratchford

Jeremy Ratchford

Canadian actor

American actor Jon Jon Briones

Jon Jon Briones

American actor

Canadian actor and martial artist Osric Chau

Osric Chau

Canadian actor and martial artist

American actor Lombardo Boyar

Lombardo Boyar

American actor

American actor Afemo Omilami

Afemo Omilami

American actor

American actor Matthew Settle

Matthew Settle

American actor

Canadian actor Mike Dopud

Mike Dopud

Canadian actor

American actor Hari Dhillon

Hari Dhillon

American actor

American actor Eddie Shin

Eddie Shin

American actor

American television director and producer Mark Gordon

Mark Gordon

American television director and producer

American actor Gil McKinney

Gil McKinney

American actor

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