Dino Dana: Living or Dead?

Which cast members of Canadian childerns' television series Dino Dana have died?

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Canadian childerns' television series

Dino Dana

Started 25 May 2017
Ended 11 Jun 2020
Released4 years, 6 months ago
Run span3 years
Seasons 4
Episodes 51

About Dino Dana

Dino Dana is a Canadian television series that was created and is directed by J. J. Johnson. The series was developed as a followup to Dino Dan: Trek's Adventures and premiered on Amazon Prime on May 27, 2017. In September 2020, Dino Dana: The Movie was released on Prime Video after being announced in 2018. It was originally going to be a theatrical release on March 21, 2020, but was delayed and later cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada. The final episodes were released in April 2020, with the franchise closing off with the feature-length film.

Main cast

The following people were in the main cast of Dino Dana: