DuckTales: Living or Dead?

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Which cast and crew of 2017 American animated series DuckTales are living and who are dead?

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2017 American animated series


Genre adventure and comedy
Distributed by Disney–ABC Domestic Television and Disney+
Composer Dominic Lewis
Production company Disney Television Animation
Country of origin United States of America
Number of episodes 69
Number of seasons 3

About DuckTales

DuckTales is back and better than ever! The beloved animated series from the late 80s and early 90s has been rebooted for a new generation, and it's a wild ride from start to finish. The show follows the adventures of Scrooge McDuck and his grandnephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie as they travel the world in search of treasure and excitement.

The animation is top-notch, with vibrant colors and fluid movements that bring the characters to life. The voice cast is equally impressive, with David Tennant as Scrooge McDuck, Danny Pudi as Huey, Ben Schwartz as Dewey, and Bobby Moynihan as Louie. The chemistry between the actors is palpable, and they bring a fresh energy to the classic characters.

But DuckTales isn't just a nostalgia trip. The show has a modern sensibility that makes it relevant to today's audiences. It tackles issues like family, friendship, and the importance of chasing your dreams. And of course, there are plenty of laughs along the way.

Overall, DuckTales is a must-watch for fans of the original series and newcomers alike. It's a fun, adventurous, and heartwarming show that will leave you wanting more. So grab your lucky dime and join Scrooge and the gang on their next adventure!


- "DuckTales: The Reboot That's Better Than the Original" by Megan Peters,

- "DuckTales Review: The Reboot Is a Welcome Return to the Adventurous Original" by Liz Shannon Miller, IndieWire

- "DuckTales Review: The Classic Disney Cartoon Gets a Sharp Reboot" by Daniel Fienberg, The Hollywood Reporter

Other cast and crew

Supporting cast and crew listed below. See if you can find out who is who from the stats below.


77 years, 5 months, 22 days


15 years, 21 days

Born first

30 October 1945

Died first

17 March 2023

Born last

14 March 2008

Died last

17 March 2023

American actor  Lance Reddick

Lance Reddick

American actor

American actor, director and writer Henry Winkler

Henry Winkler

American actor, director and writer

American actor Lin-Manuel Miranda

Lin-Manuel Miranda

American actor

American actress Selma Blair

Selma Blair

American actress

American actress Allison Janney

Allison Janney

American actress

American actor Giancarlo Esposito

Giancarlo Esposito

American actor

American actor Paul F. Tompkins

Paul F. Tompkins

American actor

Scottish actor Graham McTavish

Graham McTavish

Scottish actor

American actress Julie Bowen

Julie Bowen

American actress

American actress Stephanie Beatriz

Stephanie Beatriz

American actress

American actor Clancy Brown

Clancy Brown

American actor

American actor  John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio

American actor

American actor Keith David

Keith David

American actor

English actor Martin Freeman

Martin Freeman

English actor

American actress Riki Lindhome

Riki Lindhome

American actress

American voice actor Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

American voice actor

American actress Bebe Neuwirth

Bebe Neuwirth

American actress

American author and humorist John Hodgman

John Hodgman

American author and humorist

American actor and filmmaker Don Cheadle

Don Cheadle

American actor and filmmaker

American comedian and actor Amy Sedaris

Amy Sedaris

American comedian and actor

English actor Hugh Bonneville

Hugh Bonneville

English actor

American actor Jaleel White

Jaleel White

American actor

American actor James Marsters

James Marsters

American actor

American actor Stephen Root

Stephen Root

American actor

American actress Tamlyn Tomita

Tamlyn Tomita

American actress

American actress April Winchell

April Winchell

American actress

Canadian-born American actress, screenwriter, director, and producer of Greek descent Nia Vardalos

Nia Vardalos

Canadian-born American actress, screenwriter, director, and producer of Greek descent

American actor and comedian Jason Mantzoukas

Jason Mantzoukas

American actor and comedian

American voice actor Corey Burton

Corey Burton

American voice actor

Scottish actress Michelle Gomez

Michelle Gomez

Scottish actress

American actor, contortionist and mime Doug Jones

Doug Jones

American actor, contortionist and mime

American comedian and actor Marc Evan Jackson

Marc Evan Jackson

American comedian and actor

American actress Eliza Coupe

Eliza Coupe

American actress

American actress Noël Wells

Noël Wells

American actress

American actress Selenis Leyva

Selenis Leyva

American actress

American actor Michael Chiklis

Michael Chiklis

American actor

American actress Hynden Walch

Hynden Walch

American actress

American voice actor Bill Farmer

Bill Farmer

American voice actor

American actress Abby Ryder Fortson

Abby Ryder Fortson

American actress

American writer, actress and comedian Natasha Rothwell

Natasha Rothwell

American writer, actress and comedian

American actor Nestor Carbonell

Nestor Carbonell

American actor

Nigerian actress Toks Olagundoye

Toks Olagundoye

Nigerian actress

American actor Jack McBrayer

Jack McBrayer

American actor

Canadian actor Chris Diamantopoulos

Chris Diamantopoulos

Canadian actor

American actor Keone Young

Keone Young

American actor

Japanese-American actor Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

Japanese-American actor

American voice actor Jim Cummings

Jim Cummings

American voice actor

Mexican actor and singer Jaime Camil

Jaime Camil

Mexican actor and singer

American actor Bill Fagerbakke

Bill Fagerbakke

American actor

American comedian Retta


American comedian

American actor and comedian Adam Pally

Adam Pally

American actor and comedian

American comedian and actor James Adomian

James Adomian

American comedian and actor

Norwegian actor Kristofer Hivju

Kristofer Hivju

Norwegian actor

American actor James Monroe Iglehart

James Monroe Iglehart

American actor

American actor Josh Brener

Josh Brener

American actor

American actor Omid Abtahi

Omid Abtahi

American actor

American animator, producer, director Matt Braly

Matt Braly

American animator, producer, director

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