El Cartel: Living or Dead?

Which cast members of television series El Cartel have died?

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television series

El Cartel

Started 4 Jun 2008
Ended 17 Nov 2010
Released12 years, 10 months ago
Run span2 years, 5 months
Seasons 2

About El Cartel

El Cartel de los Sapos (English title: The Cartel of Snitches) or El Cartel is a Colombian television series that first aired on June 4, 2008 on the Colombian network Caracol TV. El Cartel stars Manolo Cardona, Karen Martínez, Diego Cadavid, and Robinson Díaz and is based on the 2008 novel by the same name by Andrés López López, alias Florecita ("Little Flower"), a former drug dealer who, while in prison, wrote the fictionalized account of his experiences in the Cali Cartel and of what happened within the Norte del Valle Cartel. In the TV series, which Lopez also wrote, the characters and locations from the book were changed.