Father Brown: Living or Dead?

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Which cast and crew of 2013 TV series Father Brown are living and who are dead?

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Father Brown

2013 TV series

Father Brown

Country of origin United Kingdom
Number of episodes 60
Number of seasons 5

About Father Brown

Father Brown, the British television show based on the beloved detective stories by G.K. Chesterton, is a charming and entertaining series that has captured the hearts of audiences around the world. Set in the idyllic Cotswolds, the show follows the adventures of Father Brown, a Catholic priest with a talent for solving crimes.

The show's success is due in large part to the brilliant performance of Mark Williams, who brings Father Brown to life with his wit, intelligence, and compassion. Williams is supported by a talented cast of actors, including Sorcha Cusack, Nancy Carroll, and Alex Price, who all deliver excellent performances.

The show's writing is also top-notch, with each episode offering a clever and engaging mystery that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The show's creators have done an excellent job of adapting Chesterton's stories for the screen, capturing the essence of the original tales while adding their own unique twists and turns.

Overall, Father Brown is a delightful and engaging television show that is sure to please fans of mystery and detective stories. With its charming setting, talented cast, and clever writing, it is no wonder that the show has become such a beloved favorite among audiences around the world.


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Other cast and crew

Supporting cast and crew listed below. See if you can find out who is who from the stats below.


90 years, 4 months, 10 days


27 years, 5 months, 23 days

Born first

13 February 1933

Died first

2 November 2020

Born last

17 December 1995

Died last

2 November 2020

English actress Annette Badland

Annette Badland

English actress

English actress Tracy-Ann Oberman

Tracy-Ann Oberman

English actress

British actress Katie Leung

Katie Leung

British actress

British actress Emily Atack

Emily Atack

British actress

Scottish actor Ron Donachie

Ron Donachie

Scottish actor

British actress Sheila Reid

Sheila Reid

British actress

Scottish comedian Ronni Ancona

Ronni Ancona

Scottish comedian

British actress Jessie Cave

Jessie Cave

British actress

British comedian John Sessions

John Sessions

British comedian

British actress Natasha Little

Natasha Little

British actress

English actress Susannah Fielding

Susannah Fielding

English actress

English actress Ruth Gemmell

Ruth Gemmell

English actress

British actress Susan Brown

Susan Brown

British actress

English actress Wanda Ventham

Wanda Ventham

English actress

British actress Claudie Blakley

Claudie Blakley

British actress

French actress Sara Martins

Sara Martins

French actress

British actress Isla Blair

Isla Blair

British actress

British actress Sylvestra Le Touzel

Sylvestra Le Touzel

British actress

English musician and actor Martin Kemp

Martin Kemp

English musician and actor

British actress Annabelle Apsion

Annabelle Apsion

British actress

British actress Caroline Blakiston

Caroline Blakiston

British actress

British actress Jemima Rooper

Jemima Rooper

British actress

English actress Georgina Leonidas

Georgina Leonidas

English actress

British actress Amanda Drew

Amanda Drew

British actress

Irish actress Deirdre Mullins

Deirdre Mullins

Irish actress

English actor Anton Lesser

Anton Lesser

English actor

British actress Janet Henfrey

Janet Henfrey

British actress

English actress Elizabeth Berrington

Elizabeth Berrington

English actress

British actress Stella Gonet

Stella Gonet

British actress

English actress Genevieve Gaunt

Genevieve Gaunt

English actress

British actress Holly Earl

Holly Earl

British actress

British actress Jennifer Hennessy

Jennifer Hennessy

British actress

British actress Jane Hazlegrove

Jane Hazlegrove

British actress

British actress Carol Royle

Carol Royle

British actress

British actress Maddy Hill

Maddy Hill

British actress

British comedian and actor Miles Jupp

Miles Jupp

British comedian and actor

British actress Kelly Harrison

Kelly Harrison

British actress

actress Adie Allen

Adie Allen


British actress Robyn Addison

Robyn Addison

British actress

British actor James Fleet

James Fleet

British actor

English actor Mark Benton

Mark Benton

English actor

English actor born in 1958 Danny Webb

Danny Webb

English actor born in 1958

French-English actress Poppy Corby-Tuech

Poppy Corby-Tuech

French-English actress

English actor, comedian, screenwriter and presenter Mark Williams

Mark Williams

English actor, comedian, screenwriter and presenter

British actor Michael Pennington

Michael Pennington

British actor

Welsh actor Mark Lewis Jones

Mark Lewis Jones

Welsh actor

British actor Tom Chambers

Tom Chambers

British actor

British actor and screenwriter William Gaminara

William Gaminara

British actor and screenwriter

English character actor Adrian Scarborough

Adrian Scarborough

English character actor

English actor Adrian Rawlins

Adrian Rawlins

English actor

British actor Michael Jibson

Michael Jibson

British actor

British actor Vincenzo Nicoli

Vincenzo Nicoli

British actor

British actor Richard Dillane

Richard Dillane

British actor

British actor Mark Umbers

Mark Umbers

British actor

British actor Robert Daws

Robert Daws

British actor

British actor Jamie Glover

Jamie Glover

British actor

English actor William Ash

William Ash

English actor

English actor Matthew Marsh

Matthew Marsh

English actor

British actor Angus Imrie

Angus Imrie

British actor

English actor Philip Martin Brown

Philip Martin Brown

English actor

British actor David Bamber

David Bamber

British actor

British actor Hugo Speer

Hugo Speer

British actor

English actor, screenwriter and film director Roger Ashton-Griffiths

Roger Ashton-Griffiths

English actor, screenwriter and film director

British actor Ace Bhatti

Ace Bhatti

British actor

British actor Paul Bown

Paul Bown

British actor

British actor Angus Wright

Angus Wright

British actor

English actor Ryan Gage

Ryan Gage

English actor

actor Jo Stone-Fewings

Jo Stone-Fewings


British actor Samuel Anderson

Samuel Anderson

British actor

British actor Dean Andrews

Dean Andrews

British actor

British actor Sam Callis

Sam Callis

British actor

British actor Will Attenborough

Will Attenborough

British actor

British actor Oliver Dimsdale

Oliver Dimsdale

British actor

British actor Jack Wolfe

Jack Wolfe

British actor

British actor Sean Gallagher

Sean Gallagher

British actor

Scottish actor Cal MacAninch

Cal MacAninch

Scottish actor

actor Robert Portal

Robert Portal


English actor Mark Fleischmann

Mark Fleischmann

English actor

British actor Nicholas Audsley

Nicholas Audsley

British actor

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