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Which cast and crew of 2008 Canadian police procedural crime drama television series Flashpoint are living and who are dead?

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2008 Canadian police procedural crime drama television series


Director David Frazee and Holly Dale
Duration 45 minutes
Awards Gemini Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role and Gemini Award for Best Dramatic Series
Genre police television drama and adventure television series
Nominated for Gemini Award for Best Dramatic Series, Gemini Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role, Gemini Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role, Gemini Award for Best Dramatic Series, Gemini Award for Best Dramatic Series and Gemini Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role
Country of origin Canada and United States of America
Number of episodes 75
Number of seasons 5

About Flashpoint

Flashpoint is a Canadian crime drama television series created by Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern. The series debuted on July 11, 2008, on CTV. In the United States, the series originally aired on CBS; it also aired on Ion Television. The series starred Hugh Dillon, Amy Jo Johnson, David Paetkau, Sergio Di Zio, and Enrico Colantoni.The show focuses on a fictional elite tactical unit, the Strategic Response Unit (SRU), within a Canadian metropolitan police force (styled on the Toronto Police Emergency Task Force). The SRU are tasked to resolve extreme situations that regular officers are not trained to handle, including hostage-taking, bomb threats, and heavily armed criminals. Although the team is seldom seen doing so, they do sometimes discuss the "day job" of serving high-risk arrest warrants. Equipped with high-tech tools and a cache of weapons and explosives, members use negotiation tactics and intuition to try to avoid the use of deadly force, which they exert only as a last resort. The initiation of a given situation is often determined by a split-second decision, hence the show's title. On January 25, 2011, it was announced that Ion Television had acquired all rights to the show held by CBS, including the option to continue production. On May 1, 2012, the producers announced that the fifth season would be the last of the series. The series finale aired on December 13, 2012.

Main cast and crew

Other cast and crew

Supporting cast and crew listed below. See if you can find out who is who from the stats below.


85 years, 8 days


19 years, 10 months,

Born first

3 April 1937

Died first

1 March 2021

Born last

12 April 2003

Died last

21 March 2022

Canadian actress Tatiana Maslany

Tatiana Maslany

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Sarah Gadon

Sarah Gadon

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Annie Murphy

Annie Murphy

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Wendy Crewson

Wendy Crewson

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Katharine Isabelle

Katharine Isabelle

Canadian actress

American actress Lauren Holly

Lauren Holly

American actress

Canadian actress Amanda Brugel

Amanda Brugel

Canadian actress

Canadian actress and model Natalie Brown

Natalie Brown

Canadian actress and model

Canadian actor and singer Victor Garber

Victor Garber

Canadian actor and singer

Canadian actress and producer Kathleen Robertson

Kathleen Robertson

Canadian actress and producer

Australian actor John Pyper-Ferguson

John Pyper-Ferguson

Australian actor

British-born Canadian actress Sandrine Holt

Sandrine Holt

British-born Canadian actress

Canadian actress Erin Karpluk

Erin Karpluk

Canadian actress

American actress Emily Alyn Lind

Emily Alyn Lind

American actress

Canadian actress Kari Matchett

Kari Matchett

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Lori Hallier

Lori Hallier

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Linda Thorson

Linda Thorson

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Kelly Rowan

Kelly Rowan

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Melanie Scrofano

Melanie Scrofano

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Shauna MacDonald

Shauna MacDonald

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Kristin Booth

Kristin Booth

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Rachel Skarsten

Rachel Skarsten

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Stephanie Morgenstern

Stephanie Morgenstern

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Niamh Wilson

Niamh Wilson

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Barbara Eve Harris

Barbara Eve Harris

Canadian actress

Canadian actress  Chandra West

Chandra West

Canadian actress

American-born Canadian actor Colm Feore

Colm Feore

American-born Canadian actor

USSR-born Canadian-Isntreal actress Eve Harlow

Eve Harlow

USSR-born Canadian-Isntreal actress

Canadian actress Meaghan Rath

Meaghan Rath

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Rachel Blanchard

Rachel Blanchard

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Tara Spencer-Nairn

Tara Spencer-Nairn

Canadian actress

Canadian actor Michael Eklund

Michael Eklund

Canadian actor

Canadian actress Camille Sullivan

Camille Sullivan

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Laurence Leboeuf

Laurence Leboeuf

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Gina Holden

Gina Holden

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Krista Bridges

Krista Bridges

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Cara Pifko

Cara Pifko

Canadian actress

actress Cristina Rosato

Cristina Rosato


Canadian actress Kathleen Munroe

Kathleen Munroe

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Kate Hewlett

Kate Hewlett

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Alisen Down

Alisen Down

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Pascale Hutton

Pascale Hutton

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Hannah Cheesman

Hannah Cheesman

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Michelle Nolden

Michelle Nolden

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Genelle Williams

Genelle Williams

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Lyndie Greenwood

Lyndie Greenwood

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Paula Brancati

Paula Brancati

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Alexia Fast

Alexia Fast

Canadian actress

actress Sabrina Grdevich

Sabrina Grdevich


Canadian actress Jordan Hayes

Jordan Hayes

Canadian actress

Canadian actor and producer Andrew Walker

Andrew Walker

Canadian actor and producer

Canadian actress Natalie Lisinska

Natalie Lisinska

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Janaya Stephens

Janaya Stephens

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Christine Horne

Christine Horne

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Annick Obonsawin

Annick Obonsawin

Canadian actress

Canadian actor and model Ryan Kennedy

Ryan Kennedy

Canadian actor and model

Canadian actress Clare Stone

Clare Stone

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Ruth Marshall

Ruth Marshall

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Elizabeth Whitmere

Elizabeth Whitmere

Canadian actress

Canadian actress and playwright Kristen Thomson

Kristen Thomson

Canadian actress and playwright

Canadian actress Robin Brûlé

Robin Brûlé

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Lisa Marcos

Lisa Marcos

Canadian actress

Canadian actor Michael Mando

Michael Mando

Canadian actor

Canadian actor Michael Shanks

Michael Shanks

Canadian actor

Canadian actor Yannick Bisson

Yannick Bisson

Canadian actor

Canadian actor Brendan Fletcher

Brendan Fletcher

Canadian actor

Canadian film, stage and television actor Henry Czerny

Henry Czerny

Canadian film, stage and television actor

Canadian actor and playwright Tony Nardi

Tony Nardi

Canadian actor and playwright

Jamaican–Canadian actor Roger Cross

Roger Cross

Jamaican–Canadian actor

Canadian actor Eli Goree

Eli Goree

Canadian actor

Croatian-Canadian actor Steve Bacic

Steve Bacic

Croatian-Canadian actor

Canadian cinematographer and film director Paul Sarossy

Paul Sarossy

Canadian cinematographer and film director

Canadian actor  Ty Olsson

Ty Olsson

Canadian actor

Canadian actor Lawrence Dane

Lawrence Dane

Canadian actor

Irish actor A. J. Buckley

A. J. Buckley

Irish actor

Canadian actor Anthony Lemke

Anthony Lemke

Canadian actor

actor Dylan Neal

Dylan Neal


Canadian actor Luke Kirby

Luke Kirby

Canadian actor

Canadian actor Rossif Sutherland

Rossif Sutherland

Canadian actor

Canadian actor  Shawn Roberts

Shawn Roberts

Canadian actor

Canadian actor Ian Tracey

Ian Tracey

Canadian actor

Canadian actor Aaron Douglas

Aaron Douglas

Canadian actor

Canadian actor Elias Toufexis

Elias Toufexis

Canadian actor

Canadian actor Devon Bostick

Devon Bostick

Canadian actor

Canadian actor Peter Outerbridge

Peter Outerbridge

Canadian actor

Canadian actor Rob Stewart

Rob Stewart

Canadian actor

Canadian actor Adam MacDonald

Adam MacDonald

Canadian actor

Canadian actor Katie Douglas

Katie Douglas

Canadian actor

Canadian actor Jonathan Scarfe

Jonathan Scarfe

Canadian actor

Canadian actor JR Bourne

JR Bourne

Canadian actor

Canadian actor and filmmaker Nicholas Campbell

Nicholas Campbell

Canadian actor and filmmaker

Canadian actor Alex Carter

Alex Carter

Canadian actor

Canadian actor Gary Basaraba

Gary Basaraba

Canadian actor

Canadian actor Greyston Holt

Greyston Holt

Canadian actor

Canadian actor Greg Bryk

Greg Bryk

Canadian actor

Canadian actor John Ralston

John Ralston

Canadian actor