Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight: Living or Dead?

Which cast members of television series Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight have died?

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television series

Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight

Started 3 Jan 2009
Ended 26 Dec 2009
Released12 years, 3 months ago
Run span11 months
Seasons 1
Episodes 40

About Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight

Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight is an American Independent television show starring Stephen Lunsford and Matt Mullins that originally aired on The CW during its CW4Kids programming block from December 13, 2008 to December 26, 2009. It is an adaptation of the Japanese tokusatsu show Kamen Rider Ryuki and is the second Kamen Rider show to be adapted and completely produced by an American TV production company, the first being Saban's Masked Rider. It was brought to television by Steve and Michael Wang and produced by Jimmy Sprague through Adness Entertainment. The series had a sneak premiere on December 13, 2008 and began official broadcasting on January 3, 2009, then continued throughout the year. Adness chose to adapt Ryuki over the other Heisei Rider shows as it has a large number of characters (Ryuki had 13 Riders in total) as well as a female Rider. The CW had dropped Dragon Knight at the end of the year before its final two episodes aired in the US. The final episodes were uploaded to the 4Kids TV website on December 18, 2009. In 2012, all of the episodes were removed from the 4Kids TV website. In 2010, Dragon Knight was nominated for and won the Daytime Emmy Award for "Outstanding Stunt Coordination", a category introduced to the Daytime Emmys that year.

Main cast

The following people were in the main cast of Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight: