Outlaws: Living or Dead?

Which cast members of 2004 British tv series Outlaws have died?

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2004 British tv series


Seasons 1
Episodes 12

About Outlaws

Outlaws is a British television comedy-drama series, first broadcast on BBC Three on 1 October 2004, that ran for a total of twelve episodes across a single series. The series stars Phil Daniels as Bruce Dunbar, the head of a shifty legal firm dealing in criminal law, who trains new employee Theodore Gulliver (Ray Emmet Brown) in his fairly underhand methods. While Gulliver, fighting Dunbar's influence, tries to do his job as best he can, Dunbar has his own problems, from clients who ransack his offices, to dealing with his self-abusive teenage daughter. Produced by World Productions, the series was described as a mixture of black comedy and an accurate portrayal of the inner workings of the British legal system.Alongside Daniels and Brown, the series also starred Georgia Mackenzie, Annabelle Apsion and Rebekah Staton. Due to widespread critical acclaim and strong viewing figures, the series received a terrestrial broadcast, airing from 9 January 2005 on BBC Two. Tom Sutcliffe of The Independent commented that "Outlaws is brisk and funny and has a compelling frontman in Daniels. It is also informative about a world in which fine abstractions about justice and rehabilitation have crumbled into a set of cynical lash-ups. Panorama eat your heart out." Despite calls for a second series, Outlaws was not recommissioned by BBC executives and was subsequently axed. The complete series was released on DVD on 28 March 2005.

Cast and crew

The following people were involved in the making of Outlaws: