Philip Marlowe, Private Eye: Living or Dead?

Which cast members of Philip Marlowe, Private Eye have died?

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Philip Marlowe, Private Eye

Seasons 2
Episodes 11
Philip Marlowe, Private Eye
Philip Marlowe, Private Eye
American actress Kathryn Leigh Scott, famed for television program Dark Shadows, interviewed by Count Gore De Vol.

About Philip Marlowe, Private Eye

Philip Marlowe, Private Eye is an American mystery series that aired on HBO in the United States from April 16, 1983 through June 3, 1986, and on ITV in the United Kingdom. The series features Powers Boothe as Raymond Chandler's title character, and was the first drama produced for HBO. It was an early example of the uncompromising commitment to authenticity HBO would become known for in period pieces, recently showcased in Rome and Deadwood, the latter of which also featured actor Powers Boothe. Unlike other modern incarnations of the Marlowe character, the HBO series kept the show set in the 1930's, true to the original Raymond Chandler stories.

Main cast

The following people were in the main cast of Philip Marlowe, Private Eye: