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Which cast members of Pie in the Sky have died?

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Pie in the Sky

Seasons 5
Episodes 40
Pie in the Sky
Pie in the Sky
British actor Malcolm Sinclair was a guest at the STR Book Prize ceremony on 18 May 2011 and I took this picture specifically to illustrate his Wikipedia profile.

About Pie in the Sky

Pie in the Sky is a light-hearted British police drama starring Richard Griffiths and Maggie Steed, created by Andrew Payne and first broadcast in five series on BBC1 between 13 March 1994 and 17 August 1997 as well as being syndicated on other channels in other countries, including the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The series departs slightly from other police dramas in that the protagonist, Henry Crabbe, while still being an on-duty policeman (much against his will), is also the head chef of the title restaurant set in the fictional town of Middleton and county of Westershire.