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Pueblo chico, infierno grande

Started 6 Jan 1997
Ended 1 Aug 1997
Released23 years, 7 months ago
Run span6 months
Episodes 150

About Pueblo chico, infierno grande

Pueblo chico, infierno grande (English title: Small town, big hell) is a Mexican historical telenovela set in the Pre-Mexican Revolution period, produced by José Alberto Castro for Televisa in 1997. From January 1997 until August 1997, Canal de las Estrellas broadcast it weekdays at 10:00pm, replacing Te sigo amando and replaced by La jaula de oro. Televisa released an abridged DVD version of the novela in several countries. It also aired on Univision in the United States. Verónica Castro, Juan Soler and Guillermo Capetillo starred as protagonists, while Alma Delfina starred as main antagonist.