Roll Out: Living or Dead?

Which cast members of 1973-1974 television show Roll Out have died?

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1973-1974 television show

Roll Out

Seasons 1
Episodes 12
Roll Out
Roll Out
Publicity photo of Stu Gilliam (top) and Hilly Hicks for the short-lived television program Roll Out. The show was an attempt to cash in on the popularity of M.A.S.H..

About Roll Out

Roll Out is an American sitcom that aired Friday evenings on CBS during the 1973-1974 television season. Starring nightclub comedian Stu Gilliam and Hilly Hicks, and featuring Ed Begley, Jr. and Garrett Morris, the series was set in France during World War II and was loosely based on the 1952 film Red Ball Express. Actor Jimmy Lydon, familiar as a juvenile lead in the 1940s, was cast as an Army captain. His character's name was Henry Aldrich; the same name he used in Paramount's comedy features of the forties.

Other cast and crew

The following people were involved in the making of Roll Out: