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Which cast and crew of Canadian television supernatural medical drama Saving Hope are living and who are dead?

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Saving Hope

Canadian television supernatural medical drama

Saving Hope

Genre medical drama
Country of origin Canada
Number of episodes 85
Number of seasons 5

About Saving Hope

Saving Hope is a medical drama that has captured the hearts of viewers since its debut in 2012. The show follows the lives of doctors and nurses at Hope Zion Hospital as they navigate the complexities of medicine and personal relationships. The series has been praised for its strong performances, compelling storylines, and unique supernatural twist.

At the center of the show is Dr. Alex Reid (Erica Durance), a talented surgeon who finds herself in a coma after a car accident. While in a coma, Alex is able to see and communicate with the spirits of patients who have not yet crossed over. This supernatural element adds a fascinating layer to the show and allows for some truly emotional moments.

The rest of the cast is equally impressive, with standout performances from Michael Shanks as Alex's husband and fellow surgeon, Joel Goran, and Daniel Gillies as Dr. Joel's rival, Dr. Charlie Harris. The show also features a diverse group of supporting characters, including nurses, residents, and administrators, all of whom add depth and complexity to the hospital setting.

Saving Hope has been praised for its realistic portrayal of medical procedures and ethical dilemmas, as well as its exploration of themes such as love, loss, and redemption. The show has also tackled important social issues, including mental health, addiction, and LGBTQ+ representation.

Overall, Saving Hope is a must-watch for fans of medical dramas and supernatural storytelling. With its talented cast, compelling storylines, and unique twist, it's no wonder the show has garnered a dedicated fanbase over the years.


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Other cast and crew

Supporting cast and crew listed below. See if you can find out who is who from the stats below.


80 years, 1 month, 26 days


17 years, 8 months, 27 days

Born first

30 March 1942

Died first

27 January 2021

Born last

13 July 2005

Died last

5 May 2022

Canadian actress Wendy Crewson

Wendy Crewson

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Missy Peregrym

Missy Peregrym

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Amanda Brugel

Amanda Brugel

Canadian actress

Canadian actress, writer, and comedian Jennifer Robertson

Jennifer Robertson

Canadian actress, writer, and comedian

Canadian actress Lauren Lee Smith

Lauren Lee Smith

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Katherine Barrell

Katherine Barrell

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Ella Ballentine

Ella Ballentine

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Erin Karpluk

Erin Karpluk

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Maggie Castle

Maggie Castle

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Kari Matchett

Kari Matchett

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Janet-Laine Green

Janet-Laine Green

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Linda Thorson

Linda Thorson

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Melanie Scrofano

Melanie Scrofano

Canadian actress

Canadian film actress Kate Drummond

Kate Drummond

Canadian film actress

Canadian actress Shauna MacDonald

Shauna MacDonald

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Kathy Greenwood

Kathy Greenwood

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Oluniké Adeliyi

Oluniké Adeliyi

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Brittany Allen

Brittany Allen

Canadian actress

Canadian actor Colm Feore

Colm Feore

Canadian actor

Canadian actress Charlotte Sullivan

Charlotte Sullivan

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Tara Spencer-Nairn

Tara Spencer-Nairn

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Jennifer Dale

Jennifer Dale

Canadian actress

Canadian actor Katie Douglas

Katie Douglas

Canadian actor

British actress and television host  Julia Taylor Ross

Julia Taylor Ross

British actress and television host

Canadian actor Mena Massoud

Mena Massoud

Canadian actor

Canadian actress Parveen Kaur

Parveen Kaur

Canadian actress

Canadian actor and model Monika Schnarre

Monika Schnarre

Canadian actor and model

Canadian actress Natalie Krill

Natalie Krill

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Kate Hewlett

Kate Hewlett

Canadian actress

actress Cristina Rosato

Cristina Rosato


actress Wendel Meldrum

Wendel Meldrum


actress Sabrina Grdevich

Sabrina Grdevich


Canadian actress Michelle Nolden

Michelle Nolden

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Lyndie Greenwood

Lyndie Greenwood

Canadian actress

American actress Joy Tanner

Joy Tanner

American actress

Canadian film and television actress Georgina Reilly

Georgina Reilly

Canadian film and television actress

Canadian actor  Kenneth Welsh

Kenneth Welsh

Canadian actor

American actress Kim Shaw

Kim Shaw

American actress

Canadian actress Natalie Lisinska

Natalie Lisinska

Canadian actress

Canadian actress Christine Horne

Christine Horne

Canadian actress

Canadian actor and dancer Lamar Johnson

Lamar Johnson

Canadian actor and dancer

Canadian actress Robin Brûlé

Robin Brûlé

Canadian actress

Canadian actor and comedian Neil Crone

Neil Crone

Canadian actor and comedian

Canadian-born New Zealand actor Daniel Gillies

Daniel Gillies

Canadian-born New Zealand actor

British actor Nigel Bennett

Nigel Bennett

British actor

Canadian actor Shamier Anderson

Shamier Anderson

Canadian actor

Canadian actor Shawn Doyle

Shawn Doyle

Canadian actor

Canadian actor Alex Carter

Alex Carter

Canadian actor

Canadian actor and director Mark O'Brien

Mark O'Brien

Canadian actor and director

Canadian actor Greg Bryk

Greg Bryk

Canadian actor

Canadian actor Erik Knudsen

Erik Knudsen

Canadian actor

Canadian actor Shaun Benson

Shaun Benson

Canadian actor

Canadian actor Zachary Bennett

Zachary Bennett

Canadian actor

Canadian film and television director Jordan Canning

Jordan Canning

Canadian film and television director

Canadian actor Alan van Sprang

Alan van Sprang

Canadian actor

Voice actor and actor Christopher Jacot

Christopher Jacot

Voice actor and actor

Canadian actor and artist Liisa Repo-Martell

Liisa Repo-Martell

Canadian actor and artist

Canadian actor Demore Barnes

Demore Barnes

Canadian actor

Canadian actor Tyler Johnston

Tyler Johnston

Canadian actor

Canadian actor Justin Kelly

Justin Kelly

Canadian actor

Canadian actor John Bregar

John Bregar

Canadian actor

Canadian actor Joe Dinicol

Joe Dinicol

Canadian actor

Canadian actor Paul Popowich

Paul Popowich

Canadian actor

Canadian actor Morgan Kelly

Morgan Kelly

Canadian actor

American-Canadian actor Luke Humphrey

Luke Humphrey

American-Canadian actor

Canadian actor Travis Milne

Travis Milne

Canadian actor

American motorcycle racer Ben Carlson

Ben Carlson

American motorcycle racer

American actor Peter DaCunha

Peter DaCunha

American actor

actor Jeff Geddis

Jeff Geddis


Canadian actor Kyle Harrison Breitkopf

Kyle Harrison Breitkopf

Canadian actor

Canadian actor Chris Violette

Chris Violette

Canadian actor

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