Smart Guy: Living or Dead?

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Which cast and crew of television series Smart Guy are living and who are dead?

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Smart Guy

television series

Smart Guy

Genre teen sitcom and American television sitcom
Country of origin United States of America
Number of episodes 51
Number of seasons 3

About Smart Guy

Smart Guy was a sitcom that aired on The WB from 1997 to 1999, starring Tahj Mowry as the titular character, a 10-year-old genius who skips six grades to attend high school with his older siblings. The show tackled issues such as race, class, and adolescence with humor and heart, and Mowry's performance was praised for its charm and intelligence.

Despite its short run, Smart Guy left a lasting impact on audiences and critics alike. The show's theme song, "Brotherly Love," became a hit single for the cast members, and Mowry went on to have a successful career in television and film.

Smart Guy was also notable for its diverse cast and crew, with several episodes directed by women and people of color. The show's creator, Danny Kallis, went on to produce other successful sitcoms such as The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and The Suite Life on Deck.

Overall, Smart Guy was a smart and entertaining show that tackled important issues with wit and heart. Its legacy continues to be felt in the world of television and beyond.


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Main cast and crew

Cast and crew listed below. See if you can find out who is who from the stats below.


62 years, 9 months, 3 days


35 years, 10 months, 29 days

Born first

18 July 1960

Born last

17 May 1987

Other cast and crew

Supporting cast and crew listed below. See if you can find out who is who from the stats below.


81 years, 1 month, 27 days


22 years, 3 months, 6 days

Born first

24 February 1942

Died first

8 July 2020

Born last


Died last

8 July 2020

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American actor

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