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Striscia la notizia

Started 7 Nov 1988
Striscia la notizia
Striscia la notizia
The Tapiro d'Oro (Golden Tapir) is a special "prize" awarded by the Italian television program Striscia la notizia

About Striscia la notizia

Striscia la notizia (pronounced [ˈstriʃʃa la noˈtittsja]) is an Italian satirical television program on the Mediaset-controlled Canale 5. Founded in 1988, it is meant to be a parody of the daily news, which airs right before the program, but Striscia also satirizes government corruption and exposes scams with the help of local reporters who are also comedians. The program is directed and produced by Antonio Ricci and is hosted by two major comedians. Usually Ezio Greggio (who co-founded the show with Gianfranco D'Angelo) is assisted by another comedian (such as Enzo Iacchetti or Michelle Hunziker) for the winter season, after which there is a change of guard with the two comedians Ficarra & Picone. The name of the show literally translates in English as "the news slither". The polysemic term striscia (English: strip) refers to a cartoon strip (noun) while its conjugation strisciare is a verb which means "to crawl" or "to slither", thus allegorically referring to a worm or snake which slithers and bores underground digging holes and exposing "cheats".