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Which cast and crew of American teen-drama television series Teen Wolf are living and who are dead?

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Teen Wolf

American teen-drama television series

Teen Wolf

Released 5 June 2011

About Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf is an American television series developed by Jeff Davis for MTV. It is loosely based on the 1985 film of the same name, and stars Tyler Posey as a teenager named Scott McCall, who is bitten by a werewolf and must cope with how it affects his life and the lives of those closest to him, and Dylan O'Brien as "Stiles" Stilinski, Scott's best friend. The series has received generally positive reviews from critics and is a fan favorite on social media. Teen Wolf premiered on June 5, 2011, following the 2011 MTV Movie Awards. On July 9, 2015, Teen Wolf was renewed for a sixth season of 20 episodes, which premiered on November 15, 2016. On July 21, 2016, the cast announced at Comic Con that the sixth season would be the series' final.

Other cast and crew

Supporting cast and crew listed below. See if you can find out who is who from the stats below.


75 years, 8 months, 12 days


22 years, 3 months, 18 days

Born first

18 June 1947

Born last

26 October 2000

American actor, contortionist and mime Doug Jones

Doug Jones

American actor, contortionist and mime

actor and model Mike Manning

Mike Manning

actor and model

American actress Kelsey Asbille

Kelsey Asbille

American actress

Australian actress Adelaide Kane

Adelaide Kane

Australian actress

American actress and model Meagan Tandy

Meagan Tandy

American actress and model

American actress Marisol Nichols

Marisol Nichols

American actress

American actress and model Nichole Sakura

Nichole Sakura

American actress and model

American actress Tamlyn Tomita

Tamlyn Tomita

American actress

American actress Zelda Williams

Zelda Williams

American actress

British actor Gideon Emery

Gideon Emery

British actor

American actress Bianca Lawson

Bianca Lawson

American actress

Puerto Rican actress Ivonne Coll

Ivonne Coll

Puerto Rican actress

American actress Susan Walters

Susan Walters

American actress

American actress Gage Golightly

Gage Golightly

American actress

American actress Lexi Ainsworth

Lexi Ainsworth

American actress

American actress Michelle Clunie

Michelle Clunie

American actress

American film director and screenwriter Jennifer Lynch

Jennifer Lynch

American film director and screenwriter

American actress Haley Webb

Haley Webb

American actress

Canadian actress Gina Holden

Gina Holden

Canadian actress

American actress and filmmaker Lily Mariye

Lily Mariye

American actress and filmmaker

Zimbabwean actress Sibongile Mlambo

Sibongile Mlambo

Zimbabwean actress

American actress Ellery Sprayberry

Ellery Sprayberry

American actress

Japanese-American actor Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

Japanese-American actor

American actress Victoria Moroles

Victoria Moroles

American actress

Israeli actress Maya Eshet

Maya Eshet

Israeli actress

American actor James Urbaniak

James Urbaniak

American actor

American actor Ross Butler

Ross Butler

American actor

Canadian actor Michael Hogan

Michael Hogan

Canadian actor

French actor Gilles Marini

Gilles Marini

French actor

American actor Matt Shively

Matt Shively

American actor

American actor Seth Gilliam

Seth Gilliam

American actor

American actor Matthew Del Negro

Matthew Del Negro

American actor

actor Casey Deidrick

Casey Deidrick


English actor Joseph Gatt

Joseph Gatt

English actor

American actor Rhenzy Feliz

Rhenzy Feliz

American actor

British screenwriter Christian Taylor

Christian Taylor

British screenwriter

American actor Michael Johnston

Michael Johnston

American actor

American actor Ryan Kelley

Ryan Kelley

American actor

American actor Sinqua Walls

Sinqua Walls

American actor

American actor, born 1995 Ian Nelson

Ian Nelson

American actor, born 1995

British actor Steven Brand

Steven Brand

British actor

American actor Ezra Buzzington

Ezra Buzzington

American actor

American actor Froy Gutierrez

Froy Gutierrez

American actor

British actor Dominic Burgess

Dominic Burgess

British actor

American actor and television actor John Posey

John Posey

American actor and television actor

American actor Mason Dye

Mason Dye

American actor

American television actor Brad James

Brad James

American television actor

American actor Ethan Rains

Ethan Rains

American actor

Brazilian actor Henrique Zaga

Henrique Zaga

Brazilian actor

American actor Todd Williams

Todd Williams

American actor

American actor Pete Ploszek

Pete Ploszek

American actor

Canadian film director Bronwen Hughes

Bronwen Hughes

Canadian film director

Brazilian-American actor Andrew Matarazzo

Andrew Matarazzo

Brazilian-American actor

American actor  Khylin Rhambo

Khylin Rhambo

American actor