The 20th Century Fox Hour: Living or Dead?

Which cast members of The 20th Century Fox Hour have died?

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The 20th Century Fox Hour

Seasons 2
Episodes 37
The 20th Century Fox Hour
The 20th Century Fox Hour
Photo of Ed Wynn and Kathleen Crowley from the television program The 20th Century Fox Hour. This episode was "The Great American Hoax". Fox sponsored the show and produced abridged, less expensive versions of their films for it.

About The 20th Century Fox Hour

The 20th Century Fox Hour is an American drama anthology series televised in the United States on CBS from 1955 to 1957. Some of the shows in this series were restored, remastered and shown on the Fox Movie Channel in 2002 under the title Hour of Stars (its title when the series was originally syndicated after 1957). The season one episode Overnight Haul, starring Richard Conte and Lizabeth Scott, was released in Australia as a feature film.