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Which cast members of British game show The Crystal Maze have died?

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British game show

The Crystal Maze

Started 15 Feb 1990
Ended 10 Aug 1995
Released29 years, 1 month ago
Run span5 years, 5 months
Episodes 83

About The Crystal Maze

The Crystal Maze is a British game show devised by Jacques Antoine, in which a team of contestants take on a range of challenges set within a labyrinth of the same name consisting of four time zones, winning a "time crystal" (golf ball-sized Swarovski glass crystals) for each one they successfully complete. Upon reaching the centerpiece of the Maze, "The Crystal Dome", the team work together collecting a certain amount of gold tokens to win a prize, with the allotted time inside the Dome being determined by the number of crystals they obtained in the previous zones. Broadcast on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom, The Crystal Maze was originally aired over six series and five Christmas specials between 15 February 1990 and 10 August 1995; the first four series and three specials were hosted by Richard O'Brien, with the remaining two series and specials hosted by Edward Tudor-Pole. In October 2016, Stephen Merchant hosted a one-off celebrity edition of the show for Stand Up to Cancer, before Channel 4 announced the return of the show a month later, to be hosted by Richard Ayoade and featuring a revamped format. The revived series began broadcasting a series of celebrity specials, starting on 23 June 2017, before taking a break between 14 - 23 July, due to the broadcaster airing live coverage of the World Para Athletics Championships; it resumed on 25 August 2017. In March 2016, The Crystal Maze Live Experience opened, allowing the public to buy tickets and compete in a replica of the game show's zones and challenges.