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Which cast and crew of television series The Event are living and who are dead?

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The Event

television series

The Event

Genre science fiction
Country of origin United States of America
Number of episodes 22
Number of seasons 1

About The Event

The Event burst onto the small screen in 2010, promising to be the next big thing in sci-fi television. The show follows Sean Walker (Jason Ritter) as he tries to uncover the truth behind a mysterious event that occurred on a cruise ship. Along the way, he encounters a group of aliens who have been living among us for years, a government conspiracy to cover up their existence, and a president (Blair Underwood) who may or may not be involved in the whole thing.

Despite a promising start, The Event struggled to find its footing and was ultimately cancelled after just one season. Critics praised the show's ambition and the performances of its cast, but criticized its convoluted plot and confusing storytelling. The show's creators, however, defended their approach, saying that they wanted to create a show that would keep viewers guessing and engaged.

While The Event may not have lived up to its initial hype, it remains a fascinating artifact of a time when network television was still willing to take risks on ambitious, high-concept shows. And who knows? Maybe someday we'll get a second season and finally find out what the heck was going on.


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Main cast and crew

Cast and crew listed below. See if you can find out who is who from the stats below.


43 years, 1 month, 12 days


43 years, 1 month, 12 days

Born first

17 February 1980

Born last

17 February 1980

Other cast and crew

Supporting cast and crew listed below. See if you can find out who is who from the stats below.


95 years, 12 months, 4 days


20 years, 2 months, 23 days

Born first

17 February 1925

Died first

23 January 2021

Born last

1 January 2003

Died last

23 January 2021

actress from the United States Virginia Madsen

Virginia Madsen

actress from the United States

American actress, writer, producer, and director Clea DuVall

Clea DuVall

American actress, writer, producer, and director

American model and actress Sarah Roemer

Sarah Roemer

American model and actress

American actor, television director, and writer  Hal Holbrook

Hal Holbrook

American actor, television director, and writer

American actress Kathleen Quinlan

Kathleen Quinlan

American actress

American actress Rosalind Chao

Rosalind Chao

American actress

American actress Gabrielle Carteris

Gabrielle Carteris

American actress

American actress Holland Roden

Holland Roden

American actress

American actor Tony Todd

Tony Todd

American actor

American actor Blair Underwood

Blair Underwood

American actor

American actress Salome Jens

Salome Jens

American actress

American actress Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole

American actress

American actress of Puerto Rican heritage Lisa Vidal

Lisa Vidal

American actress of Puerto Rican heritage

American actress Laura Innes

Laura Innes

American actress

Slovenian–American actor Željko Ivanek

Željko Ivanek

Slovenian–American actor

Northern Irish actress Paula Malcomson

Paula Malcomson

Northern Irish actress

American actress Deborah Van Valkenburgh

Deborah Van Valkenburgh

American actress

American actress Julia Campbell

Julia Campbell

American actress

American actor Roger Bart

Roger Bart

American actor

American actress Lauren Stamile

Lauren Stamile

American actress

American actress Wynn Everett

Wynn Everett

American actress

American actress Ellery Sprayberry

Ellery Sprayberry

American actress

American actress Isabella Acres

Isabella Acres

American actress

Canadian actress Amy Sloan

Amy Sloan

Canadian actress

American actor Clifton Collins

Clifton Collins

American actor

American actress Bonnie Root

Bonnie Root

American actress

American actress, singer-songwriter Shay Astar

Shay Astar

American actress, singer-songwriter

American actress Angela Gots

Angela Gots

American actress

actor known for his role on ''Gilmore Girls'' Scott Patterson

Scott Patterson

actor known for his role on ''Gilmore Girls''

American actor Ian Anthony Dale

Ian Anthony Dale

American actor

American actor D. B. Sweeney

D. B. Sweeney

American actor

American actor Scott Michael Campbell

Scott Michael Campbell

American actor

American actor Samuel Page

Samuel Page

American actor

British actor Simon Templeman

Simon Templeman

British actor

American actor Geoffrey Blake

Geoffrey Blake

American actor

American actor Casey Siemaszko

Casey Siemaszko

American actor

American actor Josh Randall

Josh Randall

American actor

Serbian actor Stefan Kapičić

Stefan Kapičić

Serbian actor

American actor Bobby Hosea

Bobby Hosea

American actor

American actor Kirk B. R. Woller

Kirk B. R. Woller

American actor

American actor Lane Garrison

Lane Garrison

American actor

American actor Wes Ramsey

Wes Ramsey

American actor

American actor Peter Murnik

Peter Murnik

American actor

American actor Rick Peters

Rick Peters

American actor

American actor Cole Sand

Cole Sand

American actor

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