The Guard: Living or Dead?

Which cast members of The Guard have died?

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The Guard

Seasons 3
Episodes 22

About The Guard

The Guard is a Canadian drama television series portraying the life of the Canadian Coast Guard along the British Columbia Coast. Filming takes place in Squamish, British Columbia with Howe Sound standing in for the fictional Port Hallet and a real 47-foot Coast Guard lifeboat Cape St. James has been renamed Cape Pacific for the series. The show primarily revolves around the four main characters: Miro Da Silva (Steve Bacic), Laura Nelson (Claudette Mink - Season 1; Sonya Salomaa - Seasons 2 and 3), Andrew Vanderlee (Jeremy Guilbaut), and Carly Greig (Zoie Palmer). There is also a strong supporting cast, including Gordon Michael Woolvett (as Barry Winter), who worked with Bacic previously on Andromeda, and Eve Harlow, who won a 2009 Leo Award for her role on the show. The show focuses on both the professional and personal lives of the lead characters, confronting issues such as addiction, post traumatic stress disorder, and family problems. It was picked up by Ion premiering March 13, 2010. By late April, it was put on hiatus on the basis that it "did not find a broad enough audience on the network", explained a spokesperson. It subsequently aired for a period on the ION Life digital channel.