The Winds of War: Living or Dead?

Which cast members of 1983 TV series The Winds of War have died?

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1983 TV series

The Winds of War

Started 6 Feb 1983
Ended 13 Feb 1983
Released38 years, 7 months ago
Run span0 years
Episodes 7

About The Winds of War

The Winds of War is a 1983 miniseries, directed and produced by Dan Curtis, that follows the 1971 book of the same name written by Herman Wouk. Just as in the book, in addition to the lives of the Henry and Jastrow families, much time in the miniseries is devoted to the major global events of the early years of World War II. Adolf Hitler and the German General Staff, with the fictitious general Armin von Roon as a major character, is a prominent subplot of the miniseries. The Winds of War also includes segments of documentary footage, narrated by William Woodson, to explain major events and important characters. It was followed by a sequel, War and Remembrance, in 1988, also based on a novel written by Wouk and also directed and produced by Curtis.With 140 million viewers of part or all of Winds of War, it was the most-watched miniseries at that time.