The Young Riders: Living or Dead?

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Which cast and crew of The Young Riders are living and who are dead?

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The Young Riders

The Young Riders

Composer John Debney
Country of origin United States of America
Number of episodes 67
Number of seasons 3

About The Young Riders

The Young Riders is an American western television series created by Ed Spielman that presents a fictionalized account of a group of young Pony Express riders (some of whom are young versions of legendary figures in Old West history) based at the Sweetwater Station in the Nebraska Territory during the years leading up to the American Civil War. The series premiered on ABC on September 20, 1989 and ran for three seasons until the final episode aired on July 23, 1992.

Other cast and crew

Supporting cast and crew listed below. See if you can find out who is who from the stats below.


86 years, 5 months, 8 days


43 years, 5 months, 12 days

Born first

6 July 1931

Died first

17 January 2004

Born last

1 January 1980

Died last

5 July 2022

American actress and politician Cynthia Nixon

Cynthia Nixon

American actress and politician

American actor and political activist Stephen Baldwin

Stephen Baldwin

American actor and political activist

American actress Melissa Leo

Melissa Leo

American actress

American actor Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin

American actor

American actress and singer Della Reese

Della Reese

American actress and singer

American actor Stephen Root

Stephen Root

American actor

American-British actor and singer David Soul

David Soul

American-British actor and singer

American actress and model Ely Pouget

Ely Pouget

American actress and model

American actress Meg Foster

Meg Foster

American actress

American actress Jenny O'Hara

Jenny O'Hara

American actress

actress Leigh Taylor-Young

Leigh Taylor-Young


US actress Judith Hoag

Judith Hoag

US actress

American actress Kelli Williams

Kelli Williams

American actress

American actor Jim Beaver

Jim Beaver

American actor

American actress and producer Nancy Valen

Nancy Valen

American actress and producer

American actress Sarah G. Buxton

Sarah G. Buxton

American actress

American actress Rebecca Staab

Rebecca Staab

American actress

American actor, director, producer and writer  Fisher Stevens

Fisher Stevens

American actor, director, producer and writer

American actress Brenda Bakke

Brenda Bakke

American actress

American actor Richard Roundtree

Richard Roundtree

American actor

American actor Lenny Von Dohlen

Lenny Von Dohlen

American actor

American actress Amy O'Neill

Amy O'Neill

American actress

American actress Jennifer Hetrick

Jennifer Hetrick

American actress

actress from the United States Leilani Sarelle

Leilani Sarelle

actress from the United States

American actor Brett Cullen

Brett Cullen

American actor

American actress Kim Myers

Kim Myers

American actress

American actor Rex Linn

Rex Linn

American actor

American actress Lexi Randall

Lexi Randall

American actress

American actor M.C. Gainey

M.C. Gainey

American actor

American actor William Sanderson

William Sanderson

American actor

American actor Casey Biggs

Casey Biggs

American actor

American actor James Gammon

James Gammon

American actor

American actor Noble Willingham

Noble Willingham

American actor

American actor Mark Rolston

Mark Rolston

American actor

actor Jeffrey Nordling

Jeffrey Nordling


American actor Eugene Byrd

Eugene Byrd

American actor

American actor Sherman Howard

Sherman Howard

American actor

American actor Robert Clohessy

Robert Clohessy

American actor

American actor Timothy Carhart

Timothy Carhart

American actor

American actor Rob Estes

Rob Estes

American actor

American cinematographer and producer John Toll

John Toll

American cinematographer and producer

American actor George DelHoyo

George DelHoyo

American actor

American actor Brad Leland

Brad Leland

American actor

American actor Billy Jayne

Billy Jayne

American actor

American actor  Justin Whalin

Justin Whalin

American actor

American actor Steve Railsback

Steve Railsback

American actor

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