Tomorrow: Living or Dead?

Which cast members of American late-nigh talk show Tomorrow have died?

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American late-nigh talk show


Publicity photo of John Lennon and host Tom Snyder from the television program Tomorrow. Done in 1975, this was the last television interview Lennon gave before his life ended in 1980.

About Tomorrow

Tomorrow (also known as The Tomorrow Show and, after 1980, Tomorrow Coast to Coast) was an American late-night television talk show hosted by Tom Snyder. The show aired on NBC from 1973 to 1982 and featured many prominent guests, including John Lennon (in his last televised interview), Paul McCartney, "Weird Al" Yankovic (in his first televised appearance), Ayn Rand, Jerry Garcia, the Grateful Dead, Public Image Ltd, Ken Kesey, Charles Manson, The Clash, KISS, Ramones, and U2 (in their first American television appearance). Los Angeles news anchor Kelly Lange, a good friend of Snyder, was the regular substitute guest host.