Unsolved Mysteries: Living or Dead?

Which cast members of Unsolved Mysteries have died?

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Unsolved Mysteries

Seasons 14
Episodes 553
Unsolved Mysteries
Unsolved Mysteries
Robert Stack on the red carpet at the 60th Annual Academy Awards, 4/11/88 - Permission granted to copy, publish, broadcast or post but please credit "photo by Alan Light" if you can

About Unsolved Mysteries

Unsolved Mysteries is an American television program, hosted by Robert Stack from 1987 to 2002 and later by Dennis Farina starting in 2008. The show was broadcast first as specials in 1987, then as a regular series on NBC (1988–1997), CBS (1997–1999), Lifetime (2001–2002), and Spike (2008–2010). Lifetime once again airs the revived version of the series, but only in reruns. Cosgrove-Meurer Productions maintains a website for the show, featuring popular accounts and ongoing cold cases (murder or missing persons), with a link to an online form should a viewer have information on an unsolved crime. As of 2017, the show maintains a YouTube page where viewers can submit their own mysteries. If accepted, Unsolved Mysteries posts a video of the viewer describing the mystery. FilmRise acquired worldwide digital distribution rights to the series and announced its intent to release updated versions of its episodes in 2017. As of August 2017, the Spike TV revival episodes, as well as the first eight seasons of the original Robert Stack incarnation, are currently streaming on Amazon Prime in the United States and the United Kingdom. Further seasons are expected to be added at a later date. Since February 2017, the Spike series has been officially posted on YouTube, split into 'eight seasons'. In July 2017, the show began streaming on Hulu in the United States.

Main cast

The following people were in the main cast of Unsolved Mysteries: