Living People Over 80

Actors, musicians, athletes, politicians who haven't quit after 80 years

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Living people aged over 80

Tina Turner
American-born singer, dancer, actress, and author; naturalized Swiss citizen
81 years, 8 months
Yoko Ono
Japanese artist, author, and peace activist (born 1933)
88 years, 5 months
Noam Chomsky
American linguist, philosopher and activist
92 years, 7 months
Mikhail Gorbachev
General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
90 years, 5 months
Brazilian association football player
80 years, 9 months
His Holiness the Dalai Lama 14 Tendzin Gyatso
spiritual leader of Tibet
86 years, 1 month
Warren Buffett
American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist
90 years, 11 months
Morgan Freeman
American actor, film director, and narrator
84 years, 2 months
Dick Cheney
46th Vice President of the United States
80 years, 6 months
Roman Polanski
Polish-French film director, producer, writer, actor
87 years, 11 months
Willie Nelson
American country music singer-songwriter
88 years, 3 months
Richard Petty
American racing driver
84 years, 1 month
Jane Fonda
American actress and activist
83 years, 7 months
Joan Collins
English actress, author and columnist
88 years, 2 months
Henry Kissinger
United States Secretary of State
98 years, 2 months
Bill Cosby
American stand-up comedian, actor and author
84 years
Hayao Miyazaki
Japanese animator, film director, and mangaka (1941-)
80 years, 7 months
Ron Paul
American politician and physician
85 years, 11 months
David Attenborough
British broadcaster and naturalist
95 years, 2 months
Desmond Tutu
South African churchman, politician, archbishop, Nobel Prize winner
89 years, 9 months
Richard Dawkins
English ethologist, evolutionary biologist and author
80 years, 4 months
Ringo Starr
British musician, drummer for the Beatles
81 years