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Actors, musicians, athletes, politicians and more who died in the weeks up to 11 October 2018

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11 October 2018

Celebrity deaths in weeks up to 11 October 2018:

Bob Jane
prostate cancer
Australian racing driver and entrepreneur
28 September 2018
Gary Kurtz
American film producer
23 September 2018
Celeste Yarnall
American actress
7 October 2018
Diane Jergens
American actress
9 October 2018
Tex Winter
cerebrovascular disease
American basketball coach
10 October 2018
Chas Hodges
multiple organ dysfunction syndrome
British musician
22 September 2018
Scott Wilson
American film and television actor
6 October 2018
Joseph Tydings
American politician
8 October 2018
Otis Rush
cerebrovascular disease
American musician
29 September 2018
Edna Molewa
infectious disease
South African politician
22 September 2018
Charles K. Kao
Alzheimer's disease
Hong Kong-British-American physicist
23 September 2018
John Gagliardi
American football coach
7 October 2018
Karyn Dwyer
Canadian actress
25 September 2018
Leon M. Lederman
American mathematician and physicist
3 October 2018
Terry Moore
Canadian broadcaster, actor, opera singer, author, and television personality
24 September 2018
James G. March
American sociologist
27 September 2018
Carlos Ezquerra
Spanish comics artist
1 October 2018
Malcolm Andrews
Australian author and journalist
10 October 2018
Tara Faris
ballistic trauma
Iraqi model and fashionista
27 September 2018
Laurie Mitchell
American actress
20 September 2018
Walter Paine
American journalist, publisher, and author
4 October 2018
Yvonne Suhor
pancreatic cancer
American actress
27 September 2018