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Actors, musicians, athletes, politicians and more who died in the weeks up to 13 November 2018

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13 November 2018

Celebrity deaths in weeks up to 13 November 2018:

Ntozake Shange
cerebrovascular disease
Contemporary African American writer and performance artist
27 October 2018
Ron Johnson
Alzheimer's disease
American football player
10 November 2018
Phillip H. Wiebe
Canadian philosopher
26 October 2018
Amaliya Panahova
Azerbaijani actress and director
8 November 2018
Whitey Bulger
blunt trauma
American gangster and crime boss
30 October 2018
Shin Seong-il
lung cancer
South Korean actor, film director, producer, and former politician
4 November 2018
Donna Axum
Parkinson's disease
American beauty pageant contestant
4 November 2018
Nusara Suknamai
2018 Leicester City F.C. helicopter crash
Thai actress and model
27 October 2018
John Taylor Gatto
American teacher and author
25 October 2018
Katherine MacGregor
American actress
13 November 2018
Warren B. Hamilton
American geologist
26 October 2018
Yurik Vardanyan
pulmonary embolism
1 November 2018
Hamdy Kandeel
Egyptian journalist
31 October 2018
Lalan Sarang
Indian film, theatre and television producer and actress in Marathi, Hindi, and Gujarati productions
9 November 2018
Beryl Beaurepaire
Australian political activist and feminist
24 October 2018
Angela Bianchini
Italian author and writer
27 October 2018
Herbert Fingarette
2 November 2018
Shakti Gawain
11 November 2018
Jeremy Heywood
lung cancer
British civil servant
4 November 2018
Mariama Keïta
Niger journalist and feminist activist
29 October 2018
John Ziegler
President of the NHL
25 October 2018
Eric Schiller
American chess player
3 November 2018