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Actors, musicians, athletes, politicians and more who died in the weeks up to 20 September 2018

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20 September 2018

Celebrity deaths in weeks up to 20 September 2018:

Rachid Taha
myocardial infarction
Algerian singer
12 September 2018
Fenella Fielding
cerebrovascular disease
English actress
11 September 2018
Randy Weston
American jazz pianist
1 September 2018
Chelsi Smith
liver cancer
actress, singer, Miss USA 1995 and Miss Universe 1995
8 September 2018
Gary Friedrich
Parkinson's disease
American comic book writer
30 August 2018
Norifumi Yamamoto
stomach cancer
Japanese martial artist
18 September 2018
Daniel N. Robinson
heart failure
American philosopher
17 September 2018
Carole Shelley
pancreatic cancer
British actress
31 August 2018
Aleksandr Zakharchenko
traumatic brain injury
Head and Prime Minister of the Donetsk People's Republic
31 August 2018
Kirin Kiki
breast cancer
Japanese actress
15 September 2018
Indian Jain monk
1 September 2018
Susan Brown
Alzheimer's disease
American actress
31 August 2018
Bhagwatikumar Sharma
Indian Gujarati language author and journalist
5 September 2018
Jacqueline Pearce
lung cancer
British actress
3 September 2018
Jon Burge
prostate cancer
Military Veteran, Police officer charged with misconduct
19 September 2018
Paul Virilio
cardiovascular system disease
French philosopher
10 September 2018
Marin Mazzie
ovarian cancer
American actress
13 September 2018
Claire Wineland
cerebrovascular disease
American activist and author
3 September 2018
Zienia Merton
British actress
14 September 2018
Steve Andreas
American psychotherapist/author
7 September 2018
Jalaluddin Haqqani
Parkinson's disease
Mujahideen leader
3 September 2018
Adam Clymer
pancreatic cancer
US journalist and author
10 September 2018