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Actors, musicians, athletes, politicians and more who died in the weeks up to 26 June 2019

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26 June 2019

Celebrity deaths in weeks up to 26 June 2019:

Isabel Sarli
Argentine model
25 June 2019
Kevin Killian
American poet, author, and playwright
15 June 2019
David Bartholomew Sr.
heart failure
New Orleans jazz musician
23 June 2019
Philomena Lynott
Irish author
12 June 2019
Justin Edinburgh
cardiac arrest
English association football player and manager
8 June 2019
Franco Zeffirelli
Italian director and producer of films and television
15 June 2019
Julie Payne
American actress
7 June 2019
Demetris Christofias
respiratory failure
6th President of the Republic of Cyprus
21 June 2019
Edith González
ovarian cancer
Mexican actress and dancer
13 June 2019
suicide by drowning
American YouTuber, streamer and model
19 June 2019
Peter Ball
Bishop of Gloucester; Bishop of Lewes
21 June 2019
April Love Jordan
liver cancer
beauty pageant contestant
20 June 2019
Charles Wyrsch
Swiss artist
16 June 2019
George Rosenkranz
Hungarian Mexican chemist and executive, bridge player and writer
23 June 2019
Ken Behring
American real estate developer, former owner of the Seattle Seahawks, and philanthropist
25 June 2019
Beth Chapman
Oral Cancer
American reality television star
26 June 2019
Tony Rodham
American consultant and businessman; brother of Hillary Rodham Clinton
7 June 2019
Francisco Miró Quesada Cantuarias
Peruvian philosopher
11 June 2019
Stephanie Niznik
American actress
23 June 2019
Patrick Smith
American martial artist
19 June 2019
Joan Callahan
liver cancer
American philosopher
6 June 2019
Brigitte Swoboda
Austrian actress
24 June 2019