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Actors, musicians, athletes, politicians and more who died in the weeks up to 21 July 2019

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21 July 2019

Celebrity deaths in weeks up to 21 July 2019:

David Hedison
American actor
18 July 2019
Johnny Clegg
pancreatic cancer
South African musician and anti-apartheid icon
16 July 2019
Tyler Skaggs
American baseball player
1 July 2019
Fernando de la Rúa
heart failure
Argentine politician, President of Argentina from 1999 to 2001
9 July 2019
Arswendo Atmowiloto
prostate cancer
Indonesian author and journalist
19 July 2019
Freddie Jones
English character actor
9 July 2019
Paul Krassner
American journalist
21 July 2019
Valentina Cortese
Italian actress
10 July 2019
João Gilberto
Brazilian musician
6 July 2019
John Paul Stevens
cerebrovascular disease
former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States
16 July 2019
Pernell Whitaker
running over
American boxer
14 July 2019
Christopher Booker
English journalist and author
3 July 2019
Patrícia Araújo
Brazilian pornographic actress
6 July 2019
Robert M. Morgenthau
American lawyer, District Attorney for New York County, New York
21 July 2019
Lee Iacocca
Parkinson's disease
American businessman
2 July 2019
Arseny Mironov
scientist, engineer, aircraft pilot
3 July 2019
Claudio Naranjo
Chilean psychiatrist and author
12 July 2019
Marylou Whitney
American philanthropist
19 July 2019
Norman Geisler
American evangelical theologian
1 July 2019
Yasuhiro Takemoto
Japanese director of anime series and original video animations
18 July 2019
Perro Aguayo
Mexican professional wrestler
3 July 2019
Martin Charnin
American lyricist, writer, and theatre director
6 July 2019