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Actors, musicians, athletes, politicians and more who died in the weeks up to 19 September 2020

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19 September 2020

Celebrity deaths in weeks up to 19 September 2020:

Alien Huang
aortic dissection
Taiwanese singer, actor, TV show presenter, writer, illustrator and fashion designer (1983-2020)
16 September 2020
John Thompson
American basketball player and coach (1941-2020)
30 August 2020
Moose Lallo
ice hockey player (1924-2020)
1 September 2020
Philippe Daverio
Italian art historian, teacher, writer, author, politician, and television personality
2 September 2020
Toots Hibbert
2019-nCoV acute respiratory disease
Jamaican musician
11 September 2020
Gary Peacock
American double-bassist
4 September 2020
Erick Morillo
American DJ, music producer, and record label owner
1 September 2020
Barbara Judge
pancreatic cancer
American-British lawyer and businesswoman
1 September 2020
Sei Ashina
drug overdose
Japanese actress and model
14 September 2020
Hafiz Muhammad Saeed
former head of terrorist organisation "Jama'at-ud-Da'wah
12 September 2020
Clifford Robinson
cerebrovascular disease
American basketball player
29 August 2020
Navid Afkari
Iranian wrestler
12 September 2020
David Evans
Australian air force official, born 1925
2 September 2020
Zoe Parker
American pornographic actress
12 September 2020
Jack Roland Murphy
surfing champion, musician, author, artist, and convicted murderer, who was involved in the biggest jewel heist in American history
12 September 2020
Stephen F. Cohen
lung cancer
American historian
18 September 2020
J. Delano Ellis
Pastor, Administrator, Military Chaplain, Bishop, Establishmentarian, Educator and Father-in-God to thousands.
19 September 2020
Barbara Jefford
British actress
12 September 2020
Peter Paret
German cultural historian, military historian, regional historian, historian and author
11 September 2020
Sam McBratney
Irish children’s author
18 September 2020
Ted Halstead
American think tank executive
2 September 2020
Gerald Blidstein
Israeli law scholar
10 September 2020