Recent Deaths

Actors, musicians, athletes, politicians and more who died in the weeks up to 8 March 2021

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8 March 2021

Celebrity deaths in weeks up to 8 March 2021:

Ahmed Zaki Yamani
former Saudi Arabian minister
23 February 2021
Michael Gudinski
Australian music entrepreneur and promoter
2 March 2021
Gerald Cardinale
New Jersey State Senator
20 February 2021
Jan Sokol
Czech politician, philosopher, publicist and educator (1936-2021)
16 February 2021
Bunny Wailer
Jamaican reggae singer, songwriter and percussionist
2 March 2021
Ng Man-tat
liver cancer
Hong Kong actor
27 February 2021
Jude Patrick Dougherty
American philosopher
6 March 2021
Zlatko Kranjčar
Croatian football player and manager
1 March 2021
Johnny Pacheco
Dominican musician
15 February 2021
Martha Stewart
American actress
17 February 2021
Ian St John
Scottish association football player and manager
1 March 2021
Glenn Roeder
brain cancer
English association football player and manager
28 February 2021
Richard Boyd
American philosopher
20 February 2021
Koyya Hassan Manik
Maldivian film actor
20 February 2021
Bernard Lown
American cardiologist, developer of the DC defibrillator and the cardioverter
16 February 2021
Frank J. Kelley
50th Michigan Attorney General, 1961 to 1999
5 March 2021
Richard Faith
American composer
28 February 2021
Zdzisław Najder
Polish literary researcher, philosopher, publicist, political activist
15 February 2021
Hannu Mikkola
Finnish rally driver, winner of the 1983 World Rally Championship for Drivers
25 February 2021
Sylvie Feit
French actress
3 March 2021
Nicola Pagett
brain tumor
English stage and film actress
3 March 2021
Raffaele Cutolo
Italian murderer
17 February 2021