Recent Deaths

Actors, musicians, athletes, politicians and more who died in the weeks up to 26 September 2021

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26 September 2021

Celebrity deaths in weeks up to 26 September 2021:

Jorge Sampaio
respiratory failure
President of Portugal
10 September 2021
Abdelaziz Bouteflika
cardiac arrest
President of Algeria
17 September 2021
John Carroll
American politician
19 September 2021
Melvin Van Peebles
American actor, filmmaker, playwright, novelist and composer
21 September 2021
Angelo Codevilla
traffic accident
Italian political philosopher
20 September 2021
Helm Stierlin
German psychiatrist, psychotherapist and author
9 September 2021
Marthe Mercadier
French actress
15 September 2021
Hassan Hasanzadeh Amoli
Iranian islamic philosopher and theologian (1929-2021)
25 September 2021
Adlai Stevenson III
Democratic U.S. Senator from Illinois from 1970 to 1981
6 September 2021
Abimael Guzmán
Peruvian communist; leader and founder of the terrorist organization The Shining Path
11 September 2021
Allan Slaight
Canadian rock and roll radio pioneer, media mogul, and philanthropist
19 September 2021
Grey Ruthven, 2nd Earl of Gowrie
Earl of Gowrie (1939–2021)
24 September 2021
Russ Dallen
Venezuelan scholar
18 September 2021
Clive Sinclair
English entrepreneur and inventor
16 September 2021
Charles W. Mills
American philosopher
20 September 2021
Bob Enyart
2019-nCoV acute respiratory disease
American talk radio host, author, and pastor
12 September 2021
Sondra James
12 September 2021
Thanu Padmanabhan
myocardial infarction
Indian theoretical physicist
17 September 2021
José Augusto Delgado
Brazilian jurist, judge
8 September 2021
Fran Bennett
American actress
12 September 2021
Lenka Peterson
American actress
24 September 2021
Avril Elgar
British actress
17 September 2021